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I crave having a group of close girlfriends; I'm so envious of those that do.  We moved around a lot when I was growing up so I never had the chance to develop those lifelong friendships my husband has. 

 How do you meet and make girlfriends??  I mean friends outside of the couples friends that you share with DH?  We are child-free so I don't have that usual bond with others my age.  I work full-time but in a small environment where I don't really have a lot in common with anyone there.

Any ideas?

Re: girlfriends

  • You can meet other women lots of places, work, take a class, volunteer, join a group (, even couple friends....the hard thing is going out of the way and inviting them out. I am super outgoing but more importantly my close girlfriends I have made over the year (not the ones I grew up with) I would basically go out of my way to invite them out alot, lunch, movies, sushi, etc. People complain about making friends but in reality every wants the other person to make the work in "asking" them out. Since I hate waiting around and would rather take charge I still have about 5 friends from highschool (now 15 years which we have stayed friends through college, moving away, moving back and babies) and made about 4 more great close girlfriends since college. Good luck!
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  • I have few close girl friends but I met them either through university (only 2 there that I'm still close with) and through H's friends who's girlfriends I am now really close to and we have girl nights and whatnot.  If this isn't your thing though I'd join a group at the gym (yoga, pilates) they're full of girls, introduce yourself to a couple people the first day and eventually you'll have someone you can ask to have coffee with and on and on.  If you don't like the gym do something you do like, a womens group at your church, a art class, it can be a chance to do something that really interests you And find some new gf's.
  • I'm with ya.  I sometimes complain about it to my husband, but he's the opposite of me. He don't need alot of friends and he's happy just the two of us. My husband who keeps telling me I'm trying to relive my high school days...

  • I'm right there with ya!  The close girlfriends that I thought I had, have sh$t on me.  I said screw it and the hell with girlfriends.  But it would be really nice to have that bond with someone.  My entire life, I always had guy friends....but not so much now.

    You're not in Iowa are ya???  :)

  • Thank you.  I guess I knew I'm not the only one going through this but it helps to hear/read it.  I had forgotten about so I'm going to check it out.
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