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OMG! What happened after they saw the video??

image livinitup:

Well, I had a friend who's wedding vidoe captured the father of the groom stealing cash out of the father of the bride's jacket.  The cash the father of the groom was going to use to pay the wedding vendors.

Re: Livinitup

  • OMG! Yes, what happened??
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  • This story has got to be good.
  • Well, the drama started at the wedding when the FOB didn't have thousands in cash to pay the vendors, one of which was the vidoe guy.  She didn't know until after the honeymoon when the video guy called her and said he caught some guy on tape.  The newly maried couple viewed the tape and bingo, busted!

    It was the groom's stepfather.  His mother's 3rd or 4th husband.  A real low life swindler.  He knew the FOB was planning to pay in cash to save some money.  No one accused him until they saw the tape.  He still denied it.

    The FOB gave him the chance to pay him back instead of going to the police, plus the extra charges of paying everything on credit.  He did.  The mother actedlike nothing happened and was mystified as to why he wasn't allowed into her son's house.  I think they divorced down the road anyway.

    My darling daughter just turned 4 years old.
  • This is the best Worse Wedding Video story.
  • That would certainly be a downer to find out.

    A big WTF to denying having stolen money after being caught on video.

    Hope is not a strategy.
  • This is incredible! I can't believe someone would be that low down; but that's why 'they' advise having someone to guard the gift table; someone always tries to steal. The last two weddings I went to, someone stole the 'birdcage' full of cards people brought to the wedding to give as gifts; there were checks, gift cards and cash taken.  A video would have been handy.

    And no way I would not have pressed charges. That man would be explaining it all to the police.



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