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Rock 'n Roll 1st Birthday Party

I am in the beginning stages of planning my son Jude's 1st birthday party. Our theme is Rock n Roll/Music. I don't want it to be cheesy sock-hop but I would like to incorporate some cutesy stuff as it is for a baby. I am thinking of making these cookies and having this cake made:



I need help thinking of what kind of finger foods to serve that I may be able to tie into this theme.I also need help thinking of decor/table decor ideas, we will most likely we having the party at a park with a covered picnic area so I need stuff I can set up fairly quickly. Any and all suggestions are much appreciated! TIA!!!

Re: Rock 'n Roll 1st Birthday Party

  • I think I've seen balloons in the shape of music notes.  A few of those could add some simple decor.

    Something else that you can hang with ribbon/string is those blow up instruments: guitars, mics, sax.  They serve dual purpose: decor and favors for kids.

    You could also do cupcakes and layout them out on a table to make the shape of a guitar.

    You might be able t find garland with musical notes that you could wrap around the columns of the picnic shelter.

    I'm a big fan of dual purpose:  what if you put musical stickers on water bottles and display those on a drinks table.  Stickers on plastic cups too?


  • Not sure if this is rock-n-roll or just more 50ish... but when I think of the sock hop type diners I loved to go to as a kid, we always had mini burgers.  Since sliders are pretty popular now you can find a grilling rack for mini burgers at most cooking stores.  You could do burger sliders and also chicken or pulled pork sliders.  The burger and chicken would be easy to do if there is a grill at the picnic site. 

    Milkshakes came to mind as well but that may be hard to do at a park.  Or snacks or french fries in little paper cones would be cute.  

  • Thanks ladies I love both of your ideas!! My husband knows how to do french fries on the bbq (he is a chef) so i think that would be perfect!
  • Sur la table (and surely other places) have ice cube maker things in guitar shapes. We were thinking of getting them for the sheer funness of them.

    I think root beer in bottles seems pretty rock n' roll; maybe I'm just a drunk at live music shows. Stick out tongue

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  • you can  make these:

    Image for Vinyl LP Record Bowl DIY Craft Project 

    for chips or a candle display or something instructions here

    ETA heres another good link:

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