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Update: Officiating Brother's Wedding

My brother's wedding was beautiful. The location was awesome, an indoor space with an outdoor terrace and arbor covered in grape vines. The ceremony was emotional, my now SIL was crying, my brother was crying. My legs and hands were shaking the whole time. But it was great, they loved what I said and everyone kept complimenting me.

The rest of the thing, (getting everyone to the ceremony and making the reception work) was kind of a mess. Somehow my mom and I ended up being the wedding consultants (the bridesmaids were not doing anything), so we had to get everyone in line and tell them what to do (It was like no one had been to a wedding before!). My brother and SIL didn't really have a plan for how anything would go.

Eventually mom and I gave up and told the bridesmaids that they had to do everything, We went outside and had a lot of beer and hung out with our family. I don't really know how to rest of the shindig went, but my brother and SIL had a great time, and that is all that matters!

Re: Update: Officiating Brother's Wedding

  • I was hoping you would update.  Sounds like the ceremony went great.  I would have been shaking, too!


     Your brother and his bride are obviously disorganized so it's good you and your mom and the bridesmaids were willing and able to help them so much.  

  • Aw, that's sweet that they teared up at the ceremony. Glad to hear that they enjoyed it. It was very nice of you to do this with so little notice.

    And yay for the beer outside later on. :)

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  • imoanimoan member
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    The disorganization is the fault of your brother and SIL... not the bridesmaids.  I've had to coordinate (I own a wedding planning business) friend's and family's weddings due to the bride & groom just kind of not understanding what it takes to get a bridal party organized and down the aisle.  But that is never the fault of the bridal party.  The bride & groom should have hired someone instead of just assuming it would work out on it's own. 
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  • image imoan:
    not understanding what it takes to get a bridal party organized and down the aisle. 

    You're totally right. The bridesmaids started to fear my mom and I when we would walk over with a task. At one point I was talking to one of them, making eye contact and speaking loud enough and everything, I said "Hey, they're taking formal pictures outside, could you round up all the bridesmaids and head out there." And she goes "Okay. Okay. Sure. Wait? What? I didn't hear anything that you just said." Indifferent

    It would have been much better if SIL would have given everyone a plan or some duties for the day. But it all worked out. It was actually kind of funny because my wedding was planned down to the second (over planned probably) and their wasn't. I hope that this means that my other brother's wedding (years from now..hopefully) will be the perfect happy medium.

  • Bridesmaid does not equal wedding slave.  It was pretty rude of you and your mother to treat them the way you did.

    I'm glad that overall everything turned out great! 

    My Grandparents on their wedding day.
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    Repeat this to your self: My Wedding Party is made of my family and friends and I should treat them as such.
  • Groom's sister doesn't equal wedding slave either. We were just sharing the burden! Thanks for the opinion!
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