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Anyone feel it?

The earthquake in Canada.  I'm in northern IN and felt it!

*Sorry for the double post!*

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Re: Anyone feel it?

  • Not here!  :(  Bummer!

    How strong was it by you?

  • Not strong...felt like swaying in a boat for about 30 seconds maybe.  Pretty weird.  And the water in my water bottle was going back and forth for a minute or so afterwards.
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  • Hmmm... too bad... I would have loved that experience.

    The only time I felt an Earthquake was the mini one that hit Chicago about two years back.  It was about 4am, and I was of course in bed, when I woke up to a vague vibrating feeling.  I heard my roommate walking around (also a Starbucks employee, going to opening shift) so I groggily attributed the feeling to her walking around the apartment.  We lived in an 80 y/o apartment building with wood floors... it wasn't unusual to feel the vibrations walking around the apartment through the floorboards. ...That... and what Chicagoan would automatically jump to the earthquake conclusion?

    The next morning people at work began asking me about the 'earthquake,' and it took me a few minutes to gather that  what I had felt was not my roommate walking around the place, but the earthquake.  Very exciting stuff. Too bad I asleep and missed most of it.

  • I didn't feel it, but I heard on the radio that some people in northern Maine felt it, but not in the greater Portland area.
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  • I'm in upstate NY and a ton of my coworkers felt it and family/friends...but I didn't...I'm bummed! I felt one about 8 years ago and my family didn't believe me until they saw it on the news.
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    So weird that I now live in earthquake country and people in NY are the ones who just felt one! 

    My uncle/godfather lives near the Quebec/ Ontario border and I haven't been able to reach him. I'm sure everything is OK, but communication seems to be down. Craziness! 

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