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XP: Help me with a party menu please!

XP from WC:

Ok, so I am throwing a 90s themed bash for me &  DH?s birthdays this year.  I need help with a menu!


I want to try and keep the food in theme as much as possible, but I don?t know how that is going to work. Here are my appetizer ideas:

-         bagel bites

-         Ritz sandwiches

-         Doritos

-         Stuffed crust pizza

-         Cheeze whiz & crackers

-         ?McDonalds? Chicken nuggets


Now onto drinks?.  I was thinking of creating a signature cocktail ? a cosmo with pop rocks around the rim of the glass.  Any ideas for names?


Here are some other drinks I will have available.  I want people to be able to still use some of them to mix their drinks with:

-         Capri sun

-         hi-c

-         RC

-         Jolt

-         Jones soda



I am thinking of creating goodie bags with the following candy.  Do you think that?s a cheesy idea?  Should I just leave out bowls with the candy instead?

-         Pushpops

-         Warheads

-         Nerds

-         Bubble Tape

-         Edible jewelry

-         ring pops

-         gushers


I would love to make slurpees but I don?t know how that would be possible without making a mess or having to man a blender all night.  Ideas?  Or should I just nix that idea?


For dessert I was thinking of making candy sushi and then our cake will be made to look like a rubik?s cube.  I prefer cupcakes, but I don?t know how to keep them in theme.  Any ideas?


Please critique.  Tell me if I have too many, what to get rid of, what to add, etc.  I still need a main meal idea.  Normally we just BBQ burgers, hot dogs, Italian sausage, brats, etc.



Re: XP: Help me with a party menu please!

  • I just remembered my idea for cupcakes!  They make a neon food coloring that glows under a black light!  So I am going to do that for the cupcakes. And some one on WC suggested making the burgers into burgers from "The Max" (Saved by the Bell).  I think with french fires, it would be great!
  • I'm generally not a fan of taking a theme too literally.  If you'll step back and look at your menu, you have junk food, corn syrup beverages and candy.   I think it'd be fun to have a couple of these things on a table, but I would by no means build a menu around them.  You can do the '90s in less health-damaging ways with music, movies and attire.

    I do think goody bags are a bit much.  But I'm also one of those people who thinks wedding favors are ridiculous as well.

    Add: healthy protein (try grilled chicken instead of processed burgers and dogs), fresh vegetables, fresh fruit.  I wouldn't do dessert if you have a candy bar.  You also don't need starches in your menu like potato salad if you keep the Doritos and crackers, etc.

  • I'm with Tarheels on this.  Nothing about that menu screams 90's to me, but it certainly screams stomach ache.  Were you and your friends in elementary school then?  I really don't know how Hi-C or chicken nuggets are a thing of the 90's.

  • This is why I need help.  I've been collecting notes for a few weeks and but them together in a menu and it didn't seem right.  I think I am going to take the route of "naming" all the dishes after popular movies, TV shows, bands, etc. of the 90s instead (Someone one WC recommended this).  I will keep some things like the edible necklace (if even just to wear). RC, doritos and the black light cupcakes. 

    I'm going to do burgers, turkey burgers, chicken and brats and label it all like it's from "The Max" (Saved by the Bell).

     Thank you for the input!

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