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My 10 year high school reunion is coming up next year.  It was a pretty small class of maybe 300 and probably less than half will show for the reunion.  I'm thinking about having a professional photographer there to take pictures of everyone and giving the option to have a memory book done afterwards.  I might even be able to have them do portrait sessions for everyone bringing spouses/children.    Have you been to a reunion where children are allowed, I think a "family" type day or whole weekend would be nice so everyone can catch up with each other.  What are your thougts?

Re: Reunion

  • I haven't been to an HS reunion, but I can tell you what I've seen as the set-up for most of my friends, family, DH, etc. (my 10 is next year).

    From what I've heard/seen planned, there is usually a cocktail party type affair for just graduates and spouses. Seperate from that, there's a "family day" at a local park or something similar where people can bring their kids. I've seen it span a weekend (cocktails Friday, park day Saturday or Sunday) or all take place on one day (usually Saturday). Regardless of class size, this seems to be the "standard."

  • Perhaps maybe you had such a great time in HS and are so excited for this that you're kind of idealizing it.  Most people I know aren't actually jumping for joy over the reunion...and HS wasn't all that fun for many people either lol  DH and I both graduated in small classes of less than 100 and we're friends on FB with the handful of our HS classmates that we want to be friends with and not friends with the vast majority of the others.  I don't think 300 near-strangers at a family picnic is going to be this magical warm fuzzy event that's going to justify a memory book.  And what would someone do with a pro photo?  They'd put it in a scrapbook or a junk drawer for a few years, then pitch it.

    Have one person (a waitress or something) take a photo and post it on FB.  People who want to reconnect will friend each other on FB.

    And ditto PP - everyone reunion I've ever heard of has been a Saturday or Sunday day picnic for the families and a Saturday night cocktail party for the adults.

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