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NFM haggling

Anyone negotiate with NFM on furniture?  How well did you do... please share. 

Re: NFM haggling

  • my mom didn't exactly haggle, but she asked if they were willing to offer a discount of any kind, and they essentially removed the tax from her couch order.
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  • Hm.  I'm only 4% off their price that they originally wanted (sale price)
  • Are you paying cash. Thats about the only way.

    My BIL works there, today we were there looking at a chair, and the sale price was $3 less than immediate family pricing. Their pricing is dumb sometimes. Certain items have more markup... like electronics getting them to discount is slim.

  • Cash like give them some dollar bills?  Or not use their no interest plan?  I can pay cash if that gets me a better deal. 

    That tells me more Jessi.... thanks. 

  • We pretty much stalked NFM for 3 months waiting for the various pieces/rooms we liked to go down in price.  By this point we had already closed on our house and needed furniture.  We were sitting at the dining room table we really liked when a saleswoman came over and asked if we had any questions.  I said "Could you tell me why none of the furniture we like is ever going on sale?" and acted sort of exasperated.  She said she was going to "Call her manager and see what she could do for us kids."  We were planning on buying 3 rooms of furniture plus other odds and ends for our new, empty house.

    We wanted to use their financing, though, and because of that they were only able to give a small discount on most things.  If something was $899 they'd discount it to $874 or something like that.  We saved a little, but would have saved much more if we had paid 'cash' which I guess means anything other than an NFM charge with a financing deal.

    After writing up this entire order on a Saturday I went online Sunday evening to see our stuff, and, shocker... 14 of the 18 items were on sale!  I called first thing Monday morning and they adjusted the prices for me.   That saved us over $600.  

    We went back a few weeks later to buy a TV and console and I just started out saying "I see the price is $450, but I'm sure you can do better, right?"  and waited for a response.  

    Be kind, calm and informed.  I knew exactly what I wanted, and I knew that it hadn't been on sale for weeks. Good luck!

  • DH is almost embarrased by my haggling attempts when we go there... He always has better luck than I do but he's not as pushy as I am.... sometimes it gets me somewhere, sometimes it doesn't and I figured atleast I tried... most of the things we purchased we've alreayd decided we are getting so it's just a last effort to get a few bucks off....

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  • Yeah... typically they give a better deal when you do not use the financing. I am not a fan of "charging" but if you can get 0% and make more on savings, the small amount can be a joke.

     You can also throw the Friends & Family deal. Facebook me and I will give you my BIL's name. :)  You could call their customer service # w/ the item # and they will give you the price over the phone. Also, they WILL do friends and family + no interest. It's tiered however, so you pay a little more for the item.

    What are you looking for??

  • njh514njh514 member

    Just whatever you do, don't act like you have a brain or the ability to leave the house...



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  • image smiles4ya:

    Oh yeah, I am sure there is some "wiggle" room  there... on the "value produced" not so much... but that I would venture to say so... PS DH would be jealous! :)


  • My DH has always haggled them on the price- even when we have used the no interest financing- They have always come down on the price.


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  • Ask for the friends/family discount.  I can give you a name to drop that we always use.  They don't check on it or anything, but it can save you a little (and you can still use the financing).
  • Can someone please provide a name to use in order to receive the friends/family discount at NFM?
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