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In my town we just got a new workout place. It has pole dancing, lap dancing, and stripping. Sounds like fun!!!  I just signed up!

 Anyone else do classes like this before?

Re: Exercising!!

  • Isn't this going to be hard to do at 37 weeks pregnant?...?..
  • My class dosen't start until the middle of July! Perfect timing!!! And a great way to get myself motivated to get back into shape and take a little me time!

  • I think it sounds like fun! We have one in my area, I plan to go to a pole class soon.
  • I just don't understand the appeal, but more power to you.
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  • SueBearSueBear member
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    No, but I think Carmen Electra had a strippers or pole dancing video that was a hit.  Maybe you should post on the fitness board - they've done it all when it comes to excercise!
  • I have done one of the Aradia classes at the local place in town.  They are the poledancing classes and it was fun though I had some major issues at the beginning because looking in the mirror was hard enough.  That was a personal thing though and for the most part it's pretty fun once you relax. 

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  • I did it once at a place like that at a bachlorette party, it was fun, but I didn't think it was much of a workout.
  • raynesraynes member
    I did a class (also at Aradia Fitness) for my bachelorette party.  The sensual dance part was not a work out at all, but once we got into the spins on the pole, man, that really works your arms.  We could all feel it the next day.
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  • I'm a firm believer in any exercise is better than no exercise. I have heard many beneficial stories regarding pole exercising and I would highly suggest it. It's mainly geared towards balance and overall muscle toning. Good luck to you and have a good time! :o)

    Love to my BFPB Loveypants!
  • image Violet_McPurpleson:
    I just don't understand the appeal, but more power to you.


  • I have been to them!  They are fun because you kinda forget that you are excercising. But then we got to the part where I had to pull myself up a pole.  Um, new found respect for the strippers that do pole tricks.  I am 100% positive there was nothing sexy about me clinging to a pole trying to pull my fat ass up it.
  • I took a lap dancing class one time (and I am totally shy and conservative!!!  No, seriously!)  I got more out of how it made me feel rather than the actual work out.  It felt really liberating to be sexy.  Plus our teacher was really great and always made a point to tell us how beautiful we were no matter what shape our bodies were.  Plus, I had new moves in the bedroom, which my fiance was very appreciative of ;)  As far as the workout part, I remember it keeping me toned pretty well.


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