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Home closing in WA question

Hi all ... I haven't been on here in a while but since I've been gone, we have purchased a house!!  We are supposed to close on Monday the 7th.  I am from Maine and only have experience buying homes (with parents) there, and there they sign all the title/escrow/closing paperwork in one day.  We just found out from our realtor that this will all happen in separate appointments.  Anyway, DH is Navy and Extremely busy at work right now, although he got the actual closing date off.  If he knows a few days in advance, he should, hopefully, be able to get out of work and come sign paperwork for the title company.  The realtor said that "they will call a day or two in advance."  Does anyone have experience with this?  How many days in advance did they call?

 Sorry I think I'm getting really nervous.  Our schedules have been nuts and I am just worried DH will be unable to sign paperwork and the closing will have to get pushed back, etc.  Any calming advice would be welcome.


Re: Home closing in WA question

  • Im curious as to why they are doing the paper signing in more than one sitting.  But your Realtor should keep you up to date as to if things are still on time for closing and from there they should be able to give you an idea of when the papers will be signed.
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  • If I recall correctly, we signed the paperwork a couple of days in advance of closing. We technically closed and got the keys three days later. I'm not sure why it happens this way. Our agent did let us know a few days in advance, so we did have plenty of warning. I hope it works out for you! You really don't need anything extra to worry about when you are buying a house and moving.

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    We bought our house in September, and we were thrown off by this, too.  Smile

    We signed all of our paperwork a week before the scheduled closing day.  If I remember correctly, our realtor just called and asked if we could do it the next day.  On the actual closing day, we did nothing.  Once our realtor got the call saying that the deed had been filed in our name (or something like that), she let us know it was all good, and then she took us out to dinner and gave us the keys.

    On one hand, it was really strange to us that we had nothing to do on the closing day.  On the other hand, it felt like our side of the paperwork was pretty flexible, so they were able to work around our schedule.

    We've been told that this is just the way it's usually done in Washington.

    Congrats on buying your house, by the way!

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  • Hi there!

    As was already mentioned, WA state does the signing a couple days before the day you get your keys.  And yeah, you get remarkably little notice before you need to go in and sign the paperwork.

    The whole thing is super frustrating, you wait and wait for them to contact you to sign the paperwork.  Meanwhile you can't spend any real money because 1) you don't know for sure how much they will need at closing so you want to keep all your money available  2) any big financial purchase might throw up a red flag, and you don't want to risk having the entire process ruined by a purchase of a washing machine or something.

    So you wait, impatiently, until you get the phone call about a meeting to sign documents.

    And then you wait, still impatiently, for 2-3 more days while the check clears.  After the check clears they can give you the keys, but not until then.

    LOL  I am an organized person, and the whole process drove me crazy.  It seems very inefficient!   :)

  • OH - and congratulations on the house!!!!

    Where will you be living?

  • one more thing - about whether your DH will be able to get the time off for signing.

    If he signs a power of attorney then you could, if necessary, sign all the documents for both of you.  Then if he is there he can sign, and if not you can sign.

    A girl at work just did this a couple weeks ago, her husband was out of town the day they were supposed to sign papers so she was able to sign everything.  Her hand was super tired at the end from all the writing, but everything went forward with no delays!

    That's all - I'm done now.  :)

  • Thanks for all the replies!  I talked with the closing agent today, as well as with our loan processor.  They think we should be able to sign everything on Friday, and the loan processor put a special "hurry up" note on our paperwork.  Hopefully, then, DH can get out of work and we can sign Friday morning.  Then the check will go through and we can get keys on Monday as planned (knocks on a *lot* of wood).  My hope now is that since the day we get the keys we don't actually need to sign anything, even if it's Tuesday it won't matter (except being frustrating).


    Snowflake:  we will still be living in Bremerton; in fact, we are moving about 1 mile away from our current home, haha.

    On the POA thing:  we Totally should have gotten one.  DH's boat wasn't supposed to be here and so we figured we would be fine, since when the boat isn't here he can get off work pretty easily.  Then, surprise, the boat came back.  Now in order to go and get a POA, we have the same scheduling dilemma.  Murphey's law, I guess...

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