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I have found a whole new way to procrastinate

I have been trying to stay away from The Nest so as to actually study for the bar.  However, instead of Nesting I have been going to the garden center and buying things to plan on my balconies.  I now have spinach and lettuce in window boxes, a bunch of herbs, and am debating going back to the store for tomato and pepper plants.

Does anyone else grow things in containers? 

Re: I have found a whole new way to procrastinate

  • No veggies, but I do have basil, mint and lavendar right now.  Planning on a few other herbs over the next few weeks.
  • Yes! I have a whole balcony garden. For food I'm growing lettuce, broccoli, pineapple, strawberries, garlic, and dwarf beans as well as basil, mint, and cilantro. Then I also have gardenias, jasmine, bougainvillea, ficus, aster, petunias, vinca, and aloe. Everything is in assorted containers. I started with just a few then it became very addicting. :)
  • I don't here, but I used to back in the US.  I did tomatoes and raspberries...too bad they never did anything and just sort of died.  I have a black thumb.
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  • lelialelia member
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    yes, tomatos and peppers do well. Just make sure your pot is big enough. There are even some balcony varieties of veggies...go for it!
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  • PubliusPublius member
    How big does a pot need to be for tomatoes or peppers?  I have been thinking about adding one of these to my balcony, but don't think I have room for both.  Does one take up less room than the other?  Will a 5 gallon sized pot work for a tomato plant, or is that too small?
  • lelialelia member
    Ninth Anniversary
    I?m not sure how many gallons my pots are, but they are about 16 inches in diameter. The peppers have slightly smaller pots and take up less space, for me anyway.
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  • PubliusPublius member
    Thanks.  I think I might have to go putz about the garden center tomorrow to give myself a bit of a break from studying.  I'm sure that I will come back with something.
  • I have a rose bush in a pot in my kitchen. Anything else I try to grow ends up dying.
  • Yes! We have a concreted back garden (not our choice), so have containers with: tomatoes, courgettes, cucumbers, peas, beans, sweetcorn, sprouts, cauli, and some herbs and things I can't remember! W loves it! :)
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  • I don't, but now that I have the space to do so, I'd really like too
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  • I did last year (its winter now.) I planted everything in pots because I knew we were moving, this year I will actually plant in the ground.  We had chili peppers, tomatoes, bell peppers (capsicum), strawberries and a bunch of herbs.  Its been kinda warm and rainy here so some of my veggies have started sprouting again! I can't wait to plant again this spring.  
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  • How much space did the chili peppers take?  Did the plant grow to be as big as that of the bell peppers?
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