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F/U to vent

So I am ok. I saw the surgeon this afternoon. They think it was a viteral detachment - basically the jelly in my eye is pulling away from the egdes and when it tugged on the retina I saw the flashy lights. It can be a precursor to retinal detachment - which could leave me blind if I don't get surgery immediately. So I have another follow up with a retinal specalist in Augest. Big Smile

Rod will be filing a complaint with HR tomorrow about his b*tch of a boss. I am still furious with her.

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Re: F/U to vent

  • I'm glad you're okay for now!!!  Hopefully your eyes don't get any worse before August, *vibes* for ya.  Also, awesome that your DH is filing a complaint.  It sounds well deserved!
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  • Glad you're ok and seeing again. Though I am confused as to how August = immediately.
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  • image ehostilo:
    Glad you're ok and seeing again. Though I am confused as to how August = immediately.

    This was my thought too.  You can't get in any sooner than that?  It sounds rather scary! 

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  • I saw a specalist this afternoon after going to emerg in the morning. I have another follow up in Augest :)
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