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Question for moms/moms-to-be

I have my anatomy scan today, and I'm scared.  I was excited until this morning, and now I'm scared something didn't develop.  I've actually started crying, which I don't do very often.  I've felt kicks already this morning, so I know the baby is alive, but I'm still scared.  Is this normal, or am I being irrational?

Re: Question for moms/moms-to-be

  • it's definitely normal to be a bit anxious - I was

    try to be excited though - it's SUCH a cool scan - you get to see so much - I'm sure your baby will be PERFECT :)

    Good Luck - let us know how it goes!

  • Amy726Amy726 member
    Ancient Membership
    Thanks Monique.  I've calmed down a bit but still nervous.  I'm sure everything will be fine.  I will update later this afternoon how it went.
  • Totally normal. I was scared for a couple weeks before we had our anatomy scan. I was afraid that he'd have a body part where there shouldn't be one.

    How did it go?

  • Is this the scan where you find out the sex?  And are you going to/did you find out?

    That would be a good reason to get yourself psyched, if so :-)

    Hope all went well!

  • When you're hopped up on pregnancy hormones, "normal" and "irrational" are not mutually exclusive. ;) At least for me, all my reasoning flies out the window for about nine months and I'm a big blob of silly feelings and emotions, but even if it makes us worry more than makes sense, it also makes us that much more excited when everything is fine. :) Hope all went well!
  • normal. normal. normal. normal.

    Paranoid is good. Paranoid is your protection/mom instinct kicking in. You got good instincts! Hooray for your baby having a super mom!

  • I'd say normal - I have ultrasounds at every appointment and I STILL get a little nervous before each one!
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  • Totally normal and logical. But the odds are on your side.

    Good luck.

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