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Just watched Paranormal Activity

I am going to have nightmares tonight, lol.

My cat scared the crap out of me during the movie when he attacked the window in the room next to me and made a really loud noise. 

Re: Just watched Paranormal Activity

  • I do not, under any circumstances, watch scary movies. I'm a big chicken!

    Good luck tonight!

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  • I want to watch it then a good friend told me the ending and i don't really want to watch it anymore
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    Whatchoo looking at?

  • i thought it was stupid.  But i was also told that we watched the wrong ending.
  • No offense but that movie sucked. Seriously was not scary at all. I guess when you are into that stuff as I am it's just not all that scary.

    We did a ghost tour at Eastern State Penn here in Philly over night and I wasn't the least bit frightened. I did catch some interesting pics of what could be orbs and a black mass. We also heard a voice and I swear I saw to faces in cell block 12 (reportedly the most haunted). 

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  • That movie gave me nightmares for a month! Seriously, anything that is about demon possession gives me nightmares. The Exorcist, that Emily Rose movie, Paranormal Activity, all nightmares.

    Yet I watch all the Saws, Nightmare on Elm Streets, and Chucky movies with ease. The Chucky movies are just stupid though. 

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