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speaking of babies and room decorations...

DH and I have been stewing things over since W's big boy bed was delivered yesterday.

We're not going to put him in it quite yet. I'm not sure of a time frame yet, but definitely before the end of the summer. (We didn't ahve a choice in when it came - PIL kindly bought it for us, and delivery times just meant that it came this weekend.) At the moment, it's up in his room. His cot is in the same place, and this is just along the next wall, adjoining it in an L-shape. It's tight, but doable. (Which is good, as they'll share a room indefinitely, once baby is sleeping thru the night.)

I'm wondering, W will be out of cot say June/July. Baby will not be in cot yet properly, but will come in December. I'd like the cot up in December, so I have a designated safe-baby place if I need to put him/her down for a moment. (Baby will be sleeping in with us, and we have a moses basket, but still, I'd like to ahve the cot up, and maybe try some naps, etc.)

Would you take the cot down when putting W into his big-boy bed? (And figure a place to store it.) Or just leave it up, figuring that if I'm successful  in making it an  exciting thing, it wno't matter? That there is enough time before baby comes to not be confusing for him....

FWIW, they actually match each other really well. :)

Mum to W (4) and M (nearly 2)

Re: speaking of babies and room decorations...

  • I think I'd keep it up and just make it a fun adjustment for W.  Taking it down and storing it only to bring it back out would be a pain imo.
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  • We can't fit both the bed and crib in Bean's room, but we didn't want to take the crib down only to put it back up again in a few months either. We moved the crib into the living room (it's on the other side of the same wall it was on, in basically the same place). Bean hasn't given it a second thought since getting her bed. She LOVES her bed. If I were you, I wouldn't move it unless W had a problem with it being there.
  • Manipulation is your friend! If you made a huge deal about the big boy bed, and have him set it up with you (making the bed, choosing which cuddly toys goes on it, maybe getting new sheet or something "special"), then he will be all into that bed. Then make a huge eye-rolling deal sticky out tongue bitter face about the cot being for the baby  and too bad the baby has to sleep in it and not be a big boy like you kinda thing. Then have him help set it up for the baby. He will erase it in his head as "his bed" and might make the transition easier.

    I only had the one kid, so I am relying on what my friend did for her kids. She said it worked like a charm. But then her toddler hated being a baby because he was a "big boy" now so it worked well for her.

  • Thanks ladies. This is pretty much what we've been thinking: manipulation, keeping it up for easiness, and keeping fingers crossed! :)
    Mum to W (4) and M (nearly 2)
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