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Re: MILs

  • Did you punch her in the face yet?

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  • O what did she do?
    Atheism is a non-prophet organization.

    Whatchoo looking at?

  • I guess I'm lucky. I like my MIL more than my real mother most of the time 
  • Long list of crap yesterday. She was trying to guilt The Husband about not going to his sisters HS graduation party (he was working), wanted to bring over delusional baby worshippers to meet Little A, then showed up without notice.

    Then kept asking where I was.. uh, I had to go put clothes on since we weren't dressed when they came over.

    When I was calm enough to go back out where the company was I only lasted about 30 seconds before they were commenting on how incorrectly my spawn was dressed so I abandoned The Husband and stayed in the bedroom.

    The entire time the kid was NOT happy because he'd been yanked off the boob in the middle of a meal.

    AND my dinner got cold because I had just taken it out of the oven before they showed up, so The Husband ate that since I refused to eat cold food or microwave my dinner.

    The only reason I allowed them in my house was because the delusional guests are from out of state and were led to believe that MIL had made plans with us ahead of time for them to come over, they didn't know they were part of such extreme rudeness. 

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