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Very Nit-Picky Bosses! (small vent too)

Anyone have one? I swear mine is the worst! 

I was having a great day today, came into work, opened my email and there are 2 from her (she is also 10 feet from me) about the smallest, stupidest things on the planet.  This is not the first time she has done this.  I swear she finds something, no matter how small to bring up to me....I freakin can't keep up with everything thing.  ARRGGHH!!!

Anyone have any good advice on how to counteract this or do something about it?  

Re: Very Nit-Picky Bosses! (small vent too)

  • *** to your hubby and drink lots of wine.  Hahaha!  Sorry you're dealing with that!
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    Late responding, but when I saw the title of the post I had to comment- I have a boss who is nitpicky, but not all of the time, it's unpredictable as to what/when he will be so, and the things I would want him to be picky about I can barely get him to pay attention to, and the stupidest things are things he'll get all worked up over.

    The only solution I've come up with is to make 200% sure that you understand the expectations. If an email you're getting from her is conflicting with what she's expected in the past, I would go to her and say "I just want to make sure I'm understanding that you want.....etc. etc. and that this will be true in the future as well."  Soooo frustrating, but I look at it as good management experience- managing bosses is harder sometimes than managing employees. Ugh- hang in there.

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