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Bachelorette party help

I'm supposed to come up with a scavenger hunt list for my friend's party this weekend in SF.  The list is just for her, we don't have a big enough group for teams. I know she wouldn't be interested in being skanky with other guys so that leaves out most tasks I'm finding by searching online. 

Everything I think of seems so boring, please help!! 



Re: Bachelorette party help

  • Some of these seem kind of lame, but then again I like skanky B-parties! :)


    Clean Bachelorette Scavenger Hunt List

    01. Find and interview a couple, who've been married for over 40 years, on what has made their marriage successful.

    02. Video tape or photograph one team member modelling a wedding dress and garter.

    03. Ask three children the following question and record their response ... 'How does someone know they are ready to get married?'

    04. Purchase one gag honeymoon gift.

    05. Get a stranger to perform their idea of the perfect song for the bride's first dance.

    06. Get a clergy's business card with his/her advice for a great marriage written on the back.

    07. Get the business cards of three bachelor's with their marriage advice written on the backs.

    08. Get a discount coupon for a honeymoon destination.

    09. Record a stranger telling you their best inlaw joke.

    10. Find and purchase the most creative groom's ring you can at the local hardware store.

    11. Get a memento from the location where the bride and groom-to-be had their first date.

    12. Get a menu or memento from the location where the bride and groom-to-be went on their engagement night.

    13. Get a tour of and photograph or video tape a hotel's honeymoon suite.

    14. Find and purchase, photograph or make a copy of a love or bridal quiz.

    15. Find and purchase the funniest wedding card you can find.
    Note: Set a specific time and place to meet back. The team with the most completed tasks wins. If there is a tie, give bonus points for the most creative item found, funniest response from a stranger, or first to return with all tasks completed.

  • Thanks for posting that. Ya, this is my problem. Everything is fun/skanky or boring/super tame. It's all like "find a penny from the year you were born"! 
  • ok, not a scavenger hunt, but at my Bparty everyone wrote down dares and then we drew dares out of a hat. Everyone had to complete the dare by the end of the night. Some were tame, like "take a shot" - others not so much. I liked this option a lot though because it didn't make me feel like the only as$hole out there doing dumb stuff ;)
    image Baby Birthday Ticker Ticker
  • Ooh that's a good idea! I like that better because everyone can be involved and it doesn't put the bride on the spot so much so she might be willing to do something more daring. Thanks ladies!
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