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Question about other boards

Hey ladies!

 Besides S&R, I like to look at 3 other boards. My questions is, should I introduce myself before I make a comment on their board? Is it etiquette?

 Thanks! :)

Re: Question about other boards

  • No, you don't need to introduce yourself. Just jump in!
  • kjewellkjewell member

    I think it depends on the board.  If you have been lurker on them you should be able to get an idea of etiquette.

    Most of them I would say no, you don't need too ML on the other hand, it would probably be a good idea.

    "You cannot protect yourself from sadness without protecting yourself from happiness."
  • Depends on the board.  I would do it with sex and romance, relationships, and family matters.  Those three boards have a lot of commoners, and they'll jump on you quick and harsh (imo) if you ask a typical question.  Money matters, it's a good idea just so they know your level of money sense, but they are a pretty open and nice group. 

    I'd lurk on pets, and sex and romance for a while before posting.  Those boards definitely have a style of their own, and newbies beware.

    Once you get the overall feel of a board though, post away!

  • It's an internet message board. The notion of requiring an introduction is totally ridiculous! The only thing more ridiculous than the idea of requiring some introduction post are the loons that go ape$hit when someone starts posting without first posting an intro thread.

  • It's entirely a myth that we like or expect intro posts on ML.  We hate them actually.

    Unless it's like, "Hi, I'm a trainwreck!" we like those.

    Yeah that's right my name's Yauch!
  • image laptopprancer:

    It's entirely a myth that we like or expect intro posts on ML.  We hate them actually.

    Unless it's like, "Hi, I'm a trainwreck!" we like those.

    its true...trainwrecks are totally welcome.

  • Hi725Hi725 member

    Actually, on ML we would prefer you post pictures of yourself in a bikini. It shows you have more balls than a basic intro post would.

    You get extra points if you have a monkey on your head in the bikini pics.


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    <img border="0" src=";10715;107/st/20090512/n/Shane/k/e241/s-age.png"></a><a href="">
    <img border="0" src=";10764;464/st/20120705/n/Ethan/k/62b3/s-age.png"></a>
  • It's a message board on the internet, not a sorority. Just jump right in and post!
  • Thanks everyone, I appreciate it! :)


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