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We went to mediation yesterday and agreed on a settlement. Now we just have to wait 3 weeks to see if insurance actually comes through with the money. This is a risk and they could decide to not give us anything at the end. I really hope that doesn't happen so I am keeping my fingers crossed. If all goes smoothly, we will have our house fixed this summer.

We will have to move out of the house and I am hoping I can find temporary housing that I can bring my cats with me. I can't kennel them because they are old and one would most likely have a heart attack. I guess I need a pet friendly hotel or something.

Do any of you know any interior designers? I have ideas but I generally suck at that sort of thing. Some blogs with examples of their style work would be a great help.

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Re: woohoo!

  • avila01avila01 member
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    Yay!!  I hope that everything continues to work out for you!

    I have no advice about interior designers...but LaQuinta is a pet-friendly hotel, if you choose to go the hotel route.

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  • I need a refresher on your situation. For some reason, I was thinking you owned a house and your legal issues were with people renting from you. That must have been someone else. Fill me in... you are in a house... but, need to leave for how long? What's happening? What area do you want your temp housing? Unless it is super short term, I would not go the hotel route. Many apartments allow cats.

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  • OK refresher....

    We bought a brand new house in July '08. In October the garage started leaking really bad. Then we had the big snow that winter. When the snow melted, we discovered that the roof was built incorrectly because all the snow melted into our house. It basically destroyed the living room. Also, in the process, most of our windows on the west side began failing and started cracking and leaking as well. When the water damage crew came out, they cut away all the damaged dry wall. When we had an inspector out to see why everything was failing so badly we discovered that the house was not built the way they said it was and is missing several support posts and beams.

    So after a lot of back and forth and the builders not fixing what we asked them to, we sued them. We won a summary judgment case against them a few weeks ago and that changed the game considerably. It made mediation go in our favor because it would be pretty disastrous for them to go to trial.

    It's still not over until we have the money in hand but hopefully that won't fall through.

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  • good luck with the insurance coming through! i'm glad that an end with this is in site for you. dh knows of a couple of interior designers.. but i think they are kind of high end. do you want the recs anyway?
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  • Wait, so the insurance now just gets to decide to pay you, or not? I don't get that!
  • Thanks for the refresher. SUCKS that it happened. You deserve a complete fix and for them to pay for your housing while it's repaired. I would pick a nice place where you are comfortable. I don't know what location you need. If Kirkland, I liked the Watermark apartments. They took cats. I imagine that they would work a short-term lease for you. If not Kirkland, I bet you could get something similar in Seattle.
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  • image Alisha_A:
    Wait, so the insurance now just gets to decide to pay you, or not? I don't get that!

    Essentially, yes. For them it's a numbers game and the insurance adjuster was in Georgia. They could decide to take the risk and have it go to trial. It's a real mess and hopefully they don't screw us.

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  • The estimate  for the work to be done is 6 weeks to 3 months. We won't know until we get a complete scope of repairs done. We may go stay in Kirkland but we most likely will end up in South Lake Union.

    We decided to go ahead and make all the changes we want to make to the house now while it is all torn apart which is why I am asking for interior designers. I don't need anything really fancy but I need help picking paint color and carpeting.

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  • That's all so dumb!  Glad it seem like things are starting to work out, though!
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  • Congrats on the settlement! I hope it all works out for you, it will be so nice to have a nice fresh (and safe) home when this is all over!
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