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Yay for another week!

How was your weekend? Do anything fun? What's up for the week? 

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  • I had such a fun weekend!

    Friday: Scored some last minute tickets for the Glee Live show! We found a CL seller who lived around the corner from us and he sold us the tix for half of face value...and they were awesome seats! Score! The show was SO MUCH FUN.

    Sat: Picked up bff and her bf and drove down to SD. We hung out w/ them for a bit before we dropped them off at the airport, then MH and I hung out in the hot tub of our hotel.

    Sun: Roamed around SD for a bit, then came home to relax.

    This week I don't really have much going on, which is good. I think we're going to finally try to get to an Angels game.  

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  • Happy Monday (groan)

    Friday night we had some drinks with our neighbors who were SO drama I couldn't even take it.  Full on fight and wouldn't go in the house.  I've never seen this side of them and it was super annoying and made me happy I'm moving.

    Saturday: we should have packed, but we ended up vegging and just having a nice family day.

    Sunday: packed up our kitchen and dining area. 

    Ready for the weekend already!

  • Happy Monday, indeed!

    We really didn't do anything this weekend other than movies, errands, and the mall. We had some friends come into town for a couple of hours on Saturday, so that was fun.

    I'm so tired today. Freaking LOST finale keeping me up until midnight.

    Nothing going on this week, just looking forward to a short week and heading to Scottsdale on Thursday!

  • Ugh Monday!

    This weekend H and I painted the second bedroom, watched Sherlock Holmes, and pretty much hung out at home all weekend.  

    I am just pushing myself to get a few things done around the house during the week so that I can enjoy my 3 day weekend. 

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    BabyFruit Ticker 9/19/12: Miscarriage at 12wks due to Triploidy, D&C 9/24/12 - I will forever miss you my little angel
  • The only highlight to indicate is that I watched Lost. Pretty interesting.  I never watched an episode but was curious about the finale because there were just so many articles and polls on what the significance the island meant, where they actually were, etc.

    Major lowlight - My relative passed unexpectedly . RIP Kuya.

  • Nothing too exciting this weekend...I really can't even remember what we did! This is a short week, Thursday we are heading out of town for a car show and H's 30th birthday. It's Ava's first road trip, I'm praying she is as mellow on the road as she is at home.
  • Marshy - I LOVE Scottsdale!

    Joanne - sorry about your loss.  =(

    I had a great weekend.  Saw some friends, celebrated JD's graduation (CONGRATS JOY!), and relaxed.  Oh and exercised.

     I'm excited to be back on the wagon this week.

  • Today is my Monday. I took yesterday off for no reason.

    Yesterday, I made cinnamon rolls and whipped cream cheese frosting from scratch.  I whipped it with a wisk and everything.  I'm Betty Effing Crocker. 

    I don't remember doing anything eventful over the weekend. 

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