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Mt. St. Helens: 30 years ago, were you around?

I don't remember anything, i was only two. But my mom always tells me the story about how she had put my brother and I down for a nap and several minutes later the windows started to shake and she yelled at my dad to stop doing whatever he was doing. Later on they realized the mountain had eruptedand that is what shook the windows. BTW they felt it all the way in Lynnwood.

Re: Mt. St. Helens: 30 years ago, were you around?

  • I was around, I was 8 and I remember! One of the eruptions, I'm not sure if it was May 18, we were at grandpa's and we had to drive home from the Columbia Gorge through the ash. I won't ever forget it.
  • Embarrassed My mom was 20 when it happened.
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  • I was around..but in diapers still. 

    DH remembers being outside playing in the ash before he got yelled at to come inside.

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  • I wasn't around yet, but for most of the first decade of my life i was enamored with the event and site.  I even "climbed" it when it opened back up to hiking in 2006.

    Little known fact: it is a Nat'l Volcanic Monument (managed by the Forest Service), not a Nat'l Park (Nat'l Park Service) as many people think. 

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  • I was only 5 months old at the time. My brother and DH remember it more than I do. :)
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  • I was 10 months old and my DH was 8 days.  I think his parents have the newspaper clipping though : )
  • I was in nola and very young. But I remember looking through a national geographic issue that covered it at my grandparents' house over and over again when I was little.
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  • I lived in Wyoming at the time and we had to stuff towels around doors and windows form the ash coming in. Our cars were covered with a very thick layer of ash too. All the way in Wyoming, crazy.

    I worked with a guy who was in eastern WA when it happened, he said they did not know what was going on and they were outside on the playground and saw a wall coming at them. He has a few little scars on his skin from the crystals that hit them from it. 

  • I was 2.5 when it happened, so I don't really remember, but we were living in Yakima and my mom talks about the ash covering the cars and having to put a mask on me for several days when she took me outside.
  • My mom was 21, and I was definitely not around for it. My mom always said that at first she thought it was snow and was really mad because she hates snow. 

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  • I was 12, so I was around when it happened, but I grew up in SoCal, so we weren't really affected by it. Stick out tongue
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