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Facebook baby status updates

For an upcoming article in The Nest, we're wondering... What are the best and worst Facebook status updates that your friends put up about their babies? Specific examples are great (from baby's first step to first-poop pictures).

Re: Facebook baby status updates

  • I have seen a TON of people taking before and after pictures of the food they are eating or better put devouring...its a little odd to me that people want to post how much they are pigging out during pregnancy....
  • I don't know if this qualifies but this one cracks me up...

    A girl on my facebook posted a status saying her baby was 3 weeks old today. Someone she knew commented and asked her how everything was going and she said oh everything is great except I have an "infected tit"

    I seriously about died.... I could not believe she announced that right on her facebook for anyone to read. LOL!



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  • The CM dilation reports are pretty obnonxious.  "6cm, four more to go till we meet baby blahblahblah"
  • How about telling everyone that your kid is 3 months and 5 days.. twice.. three days apart..?

    And posting picture of your bare ugly stretch mark ridden belly as your profile picture.. when half of it isn't actually baby.. 

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  • The worst I've heard is from an old roommate who discussed how she was going to the doctor so he could "ripen her cervix". Yeah.. A bit much. That or how she'll describe the baby's bowel movements.... Needless to say I hide her status updates now.
  • I know a girl that took a picture of her pregnancy test and used it as her profile picture. That's kinda gross to me. No, I do not want to see your pee stick.
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  • image Mindi1020:
    I know a girl that took a picture of her pregnancy test and used it as her profile picture. That's kinda gross to me. No, I do not want to see your pee stick.


    That is just plain nasty...

    I don't have any friends that post gross or weird things. But I have one who CONSTANTLY brags. I get it, your kid is better than mine will ever be. Get over it. 

  • I have a friend who kept posting about her ovulation kit and how she hoped it would show she was ovulating.  I was like wow!  I know people get excited for positive pregnancy tests but excitement over an ovulation test to let the world know you're ovulating and probably will have a lot of sex over the next week is kinda creepy. 
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  • I don't mind the pregnant belly picts, I suppose because I grew up seeing pictures of my mom and aunts pregnant belly photos (you know the side shot showing how far out the belly is...).

    I have a friend who, has two kids a 6 year old and a 2month old. I understand that being a mother (and a single mother at that) is stressfull and scary at times especially when your kid isn't feeling well or behaving the way you think they should. That being said I swear she is the most hypocondryicle parent I've EVER heard of, sometimes annoyingly so. (Her daughter is my goddaughter which is sometimes the only reason I put up with her crazyness)

    I remember when her daughter was a baby she would flip out over the tiniest sniffle and rush her to the ER while I'm on the phone with her trying to calm her down stating that it's probably just a cold (which the ER doc tells her within an hour of arriving at the hospital). She's dragged her poor little girl from doctor to doctor because the docs didn't agree with her over a diagnosis. She still swears her daughter is autistic even though the autism specialists at OHSU-Dornbecher's told her (after running extensive tests) that she is not. However that may also be because she's been conviced of her daughter being autistic for several years now.

    I admit I may be a little jaded, although I'm not a mother myself (yet) I grew up in a large family (10 kids), my mom ran a childcare out of our home, and I worked in another childcare outside of my mother's home. I've seen several childhood illnesses run their corses and most of what my friend has overreacted to has been common childhood illnesses. (I can't imagine what she'll do if her kids ever get chickenpox) I do understand the mad dash to urgent care if your kid is sick with a high fever that won't go down or is dangerously high, but more often than not she seems to go more than a bit overboard.

  • The belly pictures always gross me out, too. It makes me seriously consider NOT getting pregnant, ever. 

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