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Chance of getting pregnant?

 I'm not sure if this just varies by couple but does anyone know what the chances of are getting pregnant after getting off birth control? I'm currently on the patch and we are trying to plan when would be a good time to get off the patch and start trying for a family. Any help would be great :) Thanks!
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Re: Chance of getting pregnant?

  • I got off the pill in July 2009, actively started TTC in January... it's almost May and still no baby.  It can take a "normal" couple a year, if not longer, to get pregnant (or so the statistics say).
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  • As long as your ovulating you're chances of conceiving are going to be the same as everyone elses. There are a ton of other factors that can effect that though:

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  • Well two months letter we're not pregnant yet, but I was on the pill.

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  • Nobody can tell you that for sure, everyone is different :) I have friends who got pregnant their first month off of BCP, and others who got off BCP more than a year ago and still no luck.

    There are several things that can go wrong. When you get on BCP, any issue that you might have with your cycle or your reproductive organs is hidden by the artificial cycle that the hormonal BCP puts you on. Once you get off BCP, this problem reappears. Sometimes, even if you had no problem with your cycle before BCP, your ovaries sort of "fall asleep" during the time you take BCP and forget to "wake up" once you get off of BCP, so you don't ovulate. And sometimes, nothing goes wrong, and you end up preggo the first month of trying.

    So you won't know till you get off of BCP, have your preconception check-up, and start TTC :)

  • Quick google came up with these stats:

    Even for a healthy, fertile couple, the 'per month' success rate is around 15-20%, so it is not at all uncommon for it to take some months to conceive. Overall, around 70% of couples will have conceived by 6 months, 85% by 12 months and 95% will be pregnant after 2 years of trying

  • You really need to educate yourself on how your reproductive system works. It sounds like you are expecting an easy answer here, but there just isn't one. See for answers and also read Taking Charge of Your Fertility. Otherwise, you'll literally just be shooting in the dark and hoping for the best.
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  • Oh, look. This is a first post.  To echo some PPs, everyone's different, so no one can really answer that.  It may not even be a factor for you.  Sometimes taking BC even helps regulate your cycles.
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  • IMO (and I know this is not what you're asking), the time to get off the patch is RIGHT AWAY. Even if it means using a different type of BC until you're ready to TTC. I could be biased, but a friend of mine died from complications from the patch. I know that there is the possibility from all types of pills etc. However, it's a sensitive topic for me... so I had to add my two cents.
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  • I also support the idea of getting off BCP asap, if not for serious health reasons then to just get your body ready for TTC.
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