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I need to vent

H has a really awful job. He is on call 24/7 (which he use to get 300 a week extra for but they took that away), and he travels a TON not to mention that the management is p*ss poor.

Example: We got back from vacation early Sunday morning and he got put on a plane at the crack of dawn Tuesday morning to leave for two weeks. The reason he got sent away was because the guy that was supposed to do it has to help with girlfriend of 3 months host HER daughters birthday party. H did not know that was the reason when he was asked and figured it was a legit reason why he couldn't do it.

 The company always trys to short them on their expense checks because they refuse to put guidelines in place as to what counts as a meal and how frequent etc.. and also if they use their own car and the mileage costs more than if they could have rented a car they will get in trouble too. He works about 18 hours straight in a smokey casino, goes back to his room for a few hours and is back at it again. He is salary. They have lost about half of the people that originally worked there so now he is doing the work of all of those people plus some and he makes way less money than all of his coworkers.

He has been looking for a job for about a year and a half but has a hard time searching when he is on the road so much and his schedule changes without any notice so scheduling interviews is tough. I start my FT job on Monday (same company, just more hours) and he is debating quitting his job immediately so that he will have more time to search for a job and because this job is obviously taking a toll on our lives.

 I am so worried to go down to just my income. I will make enough to pay all the bills but that is about it. Things will be very tight and we will not have health insurance. I can pick up health insurance at work for just me but it will cost about 400 a month extra. We do not pay for our health plan right now through his work. I wish that he would just stick it out until he finds a job but I think that is a little selfish. We are comfortable now and I can't imagine having to scale back. It just seems like a step backward for us since we are on the fast track to paying off our student loans and house and also because when I start the nursing program in Sept I am going to have to either quit/scale back my hours and I won't be able to do that if he doesn't have a job by then. *sigh* I just hate taking risks and I am a mess.

Re: I need to vent

  • Tell him NOT to quit.  It's easier to find a job if he's working.  Is he looking for a sales job?  What does he do?  I can help.


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  • That's so stressful - jobs and money issues seem to go hand in hand.    Would it be possible for him to pick up something part-time that way he can bring in some $$$ to supplement your salary, but still be able to focus on searching for a better permanent position elsewhere?  I also don't blame you for wanting him to stay since one benefit of his job is the health insurance.

    Have you both talked about the impact of relying on just your income?  That would be the first thing I would do, and then I would actually lay out all of your cash flow on a spreadsheet so you can see what's coming in vs what your bills are.  Thatmay also help to show you if there are areas you can cut back that wouldn't be too difficult to work intoyour budget. 



  • He does accouting software for casinos. He has a bachelors in business management and information system management. He also has an associates in IT. He ultimately wants to start a business so if he quits he would start working on that as well as searching for a new job.

    His friend owns a company that he wants my H to come over and be a manager for but the company is tanking right now and there will be no health insurance there either. Also working with a friend opens up a whole new can of worms IMO.

  • Does he code it or install it? 


    My favorite Cake Wreck ever.

  • We have talked about the impact of going down to one income. Financially we can do it but barely. We have a safety fund for six months worth of expenses but I don't even want to touch that if he decides to leave his position. He has always been the bread winner and has supported me while I was in school and working only part time so it just makes me feel like crap for not wanting to help him out here. I have a chronic condition so I guess one of my biggest fears is the health insurance thing.

    I was talking to my dad earlier and just started bawling about it.

  • He installs it on the road and then trains the employees how to use it. When he is in the office he takes support calls on it.
  • I can give him some companies which typically look for implementation engineers over the next few days, if he's interested.

    I helped Mr. CJ get a job and I've done resumes for several people here.  They'll recommend me.  :o)


    My favorite Cake Wreck ever.

  • To Rev's point and also how you mentioned a chronic condition, then I have to agree that maybe he needs to stay where he is until he finds something better.  It sucks and I'm sure he's pretty unhappy, but at least you'll have health insurance and then 2 incomes since you're going back to work.  Is he working with a recruiter?  I think there's a site called (I think it's for IT preofessionals - S is on it quite often).



  • We both would definitely appreciate any help you could give! He has been on a decent amount of interviews and has gotten a few offers but the offers were way less than what he makes now (like $12 an hour).

  • No he isn't working with a recruiter. I will have to mention that to him. I am not sure that he even considered that one.
  • I am not a risk taker myself. I think it's always easier to find a job when you already have one too.

    My fiance  always gets shafted at his job too (he's a software engineer) but they haven't laid anyone off in the history of the company so he's scared to leave, even if he does find a new job (unless that new job is unbelievably awesome).

    I hope it all works out. It's really hard watching a loved one go day to day really unhappy with something that takes up so much of the time. *hugs*

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  • Sometimes I just wish we would have waited to buy our house so we could have more flexibility for his job search. We definitely wouldn't mind getting the F out of this state!
  • imageszynskin:
    Sometimes I just wish we would have waited to buy our house so we could have more flexibility for his job search. We definitely wouldn't mind getting the F out of this state!

    I wish my fiance had waited until we were more serious to start house hunting so we could have done it together and had more freedom for a while too. 

    And I have an ex boyfriend in Michigan.. he prefers South Carolina :) Come to the dark side!

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  • Would love to :) SC is my ideal place to live. We met a couple in Vegas that were from SC and they want us to come out and visit this summer.
  • Awesome! You totally have to hit me up if you guys do move here. I feel like everyone thinks SC is full of country hicks, glad to know you don't feel the same.
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