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Annnnd last one... weekend plans?

Re: Annnnd last one... weekend plans?

  • I am going to relax and work on a paper for my grad class that is due Wednesday!  We also have a picnic with my Mommy group tomorrow so that should be fun!
  • Tomorrow, I have to help at a carwash. I think I get the job of selling hotdogs. Then, I think we're going to register at Target and get groceries (fun). Other than that, just relaxing. It wouldn't surprise me if DH tries to fit in a golf trip. ;-)
  • I have today off so I'm going up to my sisters to get some of her old baby stuff- all my nieces old clothes from newborn to 2T (SCORE!), the bassinet, and her friend *demanded* I take her baby swing since it had to get out of her house and won't let me pay her!  I'm really excited! Then DH gets home from California at 6 so we may go out to dinner. 

    Tomorrow we're going to register at BRU and maybe Target. 

    Then the normal church, grocery, getting ready for Monday on Sunday.  

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  • Tonight we're going to do some cleaning and our usual pizza and a movie night (the 5th HP movie!).

    Tomorrow we're making a trip to the greenhouse to get some plants for our house and probably meeting a friend later that night for drinks for her bday.

    Sunday we may try out a new church and try to get our plants in the ground.

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  • Tonight will be getting DH ready for drill this weekend, which means cutting his hair while trying to keep Alex entertained. Fun.

    Tomorrow, my mother will be coming up so we can do more planting and hopefully figuring out the clothesline situation. I want the Tee style, but only found one. Can't do much with one Tee, so looks like I may be returning that one and getting the antenna-looking one. Ugly, and we also pulled that out of the yard last year. Oh well. We'll probably go for a walk too since the weather is supposed to be fantastic this weekend.

    Sunday will be church then a niece's birthday party.

  • First let me say, I am so glad to be back to nesting Smile

    Tonight, DH wants to watch a movie, but our DVR is full of the Life series and I hate when our DVR fills up, so I am pushing to watch that instead. Plus he said he wants to make it a "movie night" with the lights off and a bottle of wine. Umm.. hello!??!!? I'll be down for the count in about half an hour under those conditions.

    Tomorrow, I'm hoping to get some yardwork done, but I think it's supposed to rain. Then tomorrow night, we're driving an hour to see A Midsummer Night's Dream, being produced by my uncle who is the high school drama teacher and my little cousin is in it. We're meeting up with my parents beforehand for dinner which I am most excited about.

    Sunday, we're bringing a friend to church with us. It's amazing how many people have become interested in our church since FIL's memorial service there! So one of our friends called us up and wants to go with us this weekend. She lost her BIL to leukemia about a month before FIL passed away so I think she's looking for some support, which is fine. DH and I are handling this whole thing really well and it seems like she's really playing her similar situation up and seeking attention (ahhh, I digress). If she's looking for a pity party with us, she isn't going to find it.

    AAAAANYYYYWAAYY, that's the long version of what I'm doing this weekend, haha!

  • Finishing our closet now that we have the weekend to do it. Going out to dinner with FIL and MIL for FIL birthday next week. Getting paint for the nursery to paint next weekend. Cleaning.
  • Tonight is date night with DH.  Can't tell you the last time we something just the two of us.  Since it's going to be so nice outside we might try and do something outdoors.

    Tomorrow is my BIL's birthday so he and DH want to golf if it doesn't rain.  Then we have family dinner that evening. 

    Sunday we have no plans but if it is nice hopefully some yard work.

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  • Going to the Kentucky Derby tomorrow!  Apparently, I'm going to be a wet and muddy mess once all is said and done.  It's only taken 32 years, but this KY girl is finally going to the Derby.  So excited :)

    Then, Sunday will be spent recovering and studying for a final on Monday.  I also took off Monday to finish studying.

    3 day weekend!  Woo!

  • Nothing much for me besides resting.  H is going to finish painting the nursery.  He's also going to finish cleaning out the family room which.....woah.  I forgot what a mess it was.  It's all the huge boxes from my shower (stroller, PNP, glider, etc) all just stacked up.  

    I hope we do pizza and a movie one night, if I can talk him into it.   

  • Packing. This week we are getting rid of some big items we no longer need like the TV that stopped working and a crib. Then I have to work on my last grad school paper- a 30 pager research paper and presentation.

    I' m also having dinner ( well wings and beer) with some friends after work and I'm pretty excited about that.

  • Today I am finishing some laundry and cleaning. I have to take Kellen back to the doctor at 1 for a follow up with his pedi from all the illness we have been dealing with this week. Tonight I have to be at work at 5:30.

    Tomorrow is Kellen's 1st birthday party! I am so stressed about getting everything done and having 30 plus people in my house. I am trying to stay positive about everything going off without a hitch...we will see.

    Sunday we are going to church and then are having Kellen's family birthday dinner with my side of the family at my parents' house. Everyone gets a birthday dinner every year where they get to choose what they want to eat, so we will be having chicken tenders, fries, and spaghetti. Smile

  • Tomorrow I am going to a fundraising Gala that I won tickets for. Early Saturday and Sunday we will most likely be packing some of our stuff in preperation for our move.
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  • Tonight: I have an interview with a daycare provider for Liam.  Praying that it goes well!  Other than that, its pizza night:)

    Tomorrow: Going to the nursery to get some plants and do a little yardwork.  We are also going to the Red Sox/Orioles game tomorrow night...yay for Liam's first baseball game!  DH is beyond excited to take him!!

    Sunday: Church, cleaning the house a bit and some relaxation:)

  • Tonight: DH has slept 5 hours in the past 2 days, so I'm guessing he'll be asleep on the couch shortly after dinner, and I'll get to catch up on all the DVR I've missed this week.

    Tomorrow: Obie has a vet appt in the morning (just a follow up from when he was sick a few weeks ago). I think it's supposed to be nice, so hopefully we'll get out of the house a bit. Maybe a trip to the beach.

     Sunday: Grocery shopping and getting some stuff cooked up for the week. 

  • image MrsKatieK:

    First let me say, I am so glad to be back to nesting Smile

    And let me say, I am SO glad you are back to nesting.  :)

    My weekend plans...

    Tonight I work.  Our last patient is at 7 so I am thinking I will be off by like 8 or 8:30.  My dad and some of their friends (my little brother's baseball friend's parents) are getting together to help do some painting at one of their hosues.  There will be some "socializing" when the painting is done.  So dh and I might go over there when I get off work.  They are a lot of fun to hang out with.

    Tomorrow I am getting my hair done at 1045.  I DESPERATELY need it done. My roots are awful, my brows need waxed like crazy, and I think I am going to cut a few inches off.  I am sick of longish hair.

    Tomorrow evening we are having a family game night.  I am super excited about it.  Board games are like my favorite thing.  Dork! :)

    And no plans for Sunday yet.

  • I'm off today, but have to go to work in half an hour for a work meeting that will hopefully be no more than an hour.  This evening, DH and I are going grocery shopping and then doing some other shopping. I'm going to take measurements of our pantry closet and hopefully talk him into buying some shelving for it, especially if we're going to go to Sam's tonight. One shelf isn't cutting it!

    Tomorrow I'm working 3p-11p and Sunday I'm working 11a-11p.  My next paycheck should have 90+ hours on it, which will make for a nice check, especially with the $40 I get for training new CNAs over the last month. Score!

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  • I don't have any plans tonight. We'll see what DH wants to do when he gets home.

    Tomorrow evening I am volunteering at the Tulip Gala (helping to run registration, silent and live auctions). I get to get dressed up and I get free dinner, so it should be fun! I probably won't see DH at all tomorrow since he's playing in a tournament at his golf course and I have to leave for the gala before he gets home.

    Sunday all I have planned is a budget meeting for an organization I'm in (I'm the new treasurer). Otherwise, just lazing around.

  • Tonight I'm going with a group of girls to see Sugarland!!!

    Tomorrow I'm going to my friends daughters 1st bday party, then dinner with the family for BILs birthday. 

     Sunday, hubby will be taking me out on the boat. It's supposed to be 82 here, so he can fish while I read a book and soak up some sun :)

  • I started a grad class tonight that's Friday night and all day Saturday for three weeks, so that's where I was from 4:30-8:00.

    Tomorrow I'll be in class from 9-3, which sucks, but it was supposed to be 9-5, so I'll take it! Then when I get home I'll be putting in a new window with DH.

    On Sunday we're hoping to get at least one window, if not two done. I'll need to mow the lawn at some point too.

    The weather is supposed to be gorgeous, so I'm looking forward to spending the time outside!


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