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? about grocery stores in the U.K!

I read down below about somebody missing WHOLE FOODS!  Are there any similiar grocery options in the U.K....along the lines of  grocery stores or smaller shops that carry organics and specialty/gourmet food options?  We're moving to the U.K this summer!

Thanks in advance!

Re: ? about grocery stores in the U.K!

  • There are several Whole Foods in London.

    Where are you moving? 

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  • There are tons and tons of organic veg in lots of stores - even the cheaper ones.  As for specialty foods - also easy in many locations in the UK.  I get organic veg from Tesco, Sainsburys & Waitrose...I get specialty/gourmet foods from Waitrose.  And there are butchers, fish mongers, etc available all over.
  • You can buy organic veg from the main supermarkets, like ukyankee said. It may be more limited outside of greater London, but it's still possible - although we can't buy any org veg from our local (Morrisons) so have resorted to a organic box scheme. Still, I reckon 'organic' is bigger in the UK...

    In terms of something like Whole Foods, there's nothing really like that aroiund me. There is a Waitrose, but it's so small, that it's not really the same. But it depends where you'll be and what you want...

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  • Mark & Spencers also has some good gourmet food as well - not so much on the organic though.
  • Thanks for all your replies!

    We'll be in the Gloucestershire area which i believe might be 2 hours from London?  So i am hoping to be able to find some of the stores you mentioned but perhaps their only located in London??

    I hope there will be some options in the area!

    Thanks again!

  • Waitrose, M&S, Tesco, Sainsbury, Morrisons and Asda are national chains. I don't know what they will have near you but am sure they will have some of them. Whole Foods is in London, but there are smaller more local stores all over as well.
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