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Trends I don't get


Re: Trends I don't get

  • I'm not up on the young people trends (I actually drove slowly by the high school's fire drill today so see what they're all wearing- and there were a lot of short shorts, especially surprising when it's only 50 out!), but Sperry's basically look like keds, which everyone wore when I was in elementary and middle school. They're not really that ugly, and they seem like a serviceable shoe.

    That being said, I would think I would ever wear them for anything but work or running errands, when I needed a comfy shoe. It's really hard for me to find summer work shoes, because I don't wear sneakers and have to wear close-toed shoes, which can be difficult with capris or shorts.

    I'm glad bermuda shorts are back in, because the regular length shorts just look awkward on me, and always ride up as I walk. But I wouldn't wear them for dressing up. I have no strong opinion on bermudas for dressing up (other than it's not for me), but I hate the short daisy duke shorts with stiletto heels. Yes, you have gorgeous long legs, but you still look stupid. (and sometimes, like a hooker)

  • I thought of another one, but I can't find any pictures to illustrate what I mean.

    At the meeting I was at on Sunday (which was a dressy affair, most adults were in suits or similar business attire, and all teens there were there to receive awards, so most of them were in business-like attire), there was a 17 year old girl in skinny jeans and a top trend I'd never seen before:

    A white button down shirt, with a black tube top-like thing over it, but that went from her hips to under her boobs. All I could think was, wtf kind of trend is that? Let's focus on my (super skinny for her) belly? Let my boobs pop out? Is this like a swedish dirndl or something?

    One more thing- this is mean, I know, but seriously. There's a grad student that works in my building who's probably a size 18 or so, and wears only skinny jeans. This is not flattering. I'm an 8/10 and I would never wear skinny jeans. Her sister (I assume, they looked so much alike) came in one day, a little larger than the first girl, with pretty much the same outfit. I want to start a no skinny jeans campaign.

  • image aortiz59:

    I'm super bored and it's only 9:30, let's talk about clothing trends.

    I do not get the trend of Sperry Topsiders. I intern at an all girls catholic high school in a VERY affluent area, and it seems like every single girl wears these w/ their uniforms. At first I thought it was a trend exclusive to this school, but while I was out the other day at the mall, I noticed like 10 people wearing them. Is this a thing? I don't get it, those shoes are fug and you look silly wearing them unless you are actually on a yacht. 

    I see this all over the place (not just on celebs) and  I am not feeling this look AT ALL: 


    Anything you've been seeing lately that you've been giving the side eye?


    Those headbands are fug, but I have to admit, I have a pair of Sperry's and they are REALLY comfortable.  

  • I didn't get leggings until I caved in and bought a pair at Dots (They were $8)...   I'm 5'2 so was unsure how they'd look on short people but they actually looked decent and were comfy. Shocker...Surprise
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