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I love it when I talk myself into stuff

I was perusing bathing suits on Victoria's Secret. I was kind of like, "I really don't need ANOTHER suit..." but then it hit me. We're going to Scottsdale at the end of May and I need a new suit! NEED! Sold!

I am always talking myself into stuff like this. You?

Sorry for the randomness here, but it's Friday and I can't be expected to be productive anymore.

Re: I love it when I talk myself into stuff

  • Oh yeah.

    I do this a lot with gambling.

    This is my I'm so poor. Tongue Tied

    image image image
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  • hi marshy!

    i do this a lot with expensive, out-of-print books during the school year.  otherwise i'm a cheap mofo and am usually telling myself i really don't need things that i really should just buy.  bleh.

  • If I want it, I WILL come up with an excuse. And I also have tunnel vision, so if I see a dress I like I will go to the website 30 times a day, which only builds a frantic desire to own the dress that will CHANGE MY LIFE! The only solution is to distract myself, like with some shiny tin foil or the like.
  • exhibit a:  I bought yet another pair of brown heels yesterday.  but these have a bow!  and are a lighter brown!

    exhibit b:  I also bought yet another white top.  but it has embellishments! and it was on sale! 


    queen of talking herself into just about anything

    merry everything!

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  • haha. This is me, to a tee.

     Hence, the new pair of tan wedges I picked up at lunch. I have issues.

    ps - next big purchase is a new pair of metallic flip flops.

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