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Contact Lens Wearers

Is there a difference between a regular eye exam and a contact lens eye exam?

I had a regular eye exam yesterday and the receptionist asked me if I needed a contact lens eye exam also.  I need to order contact lens so I said yes.

I did the exam (all ten minutes of it) and it was the same as always.

I went to pay and the receptionist told me that my insurance covers the eye exam 100% but there is a $50 fee  for the contact lens exam.  Huh?  I told her I dont ever remember that fee.   She said oh yes everyone pays it and it is normally $75, but since I am a long time customer it is only $50.

It was super busy in there so I didnt argue and I wanted to get my fact straight first.

Does a separate contact lens exam fee sound right?  Plus the price of the contact lens?


Thanks and sorry this is longer than I intended.

Scarlett and Drew

Re: Contact Lens Wearers

  • I just had contacts and had the same thing. It was a $30 copay plus a $75 contact lens exam. That's nice that they gave you a discount for being a long-time customer.
    my read shelf:

  • I had to pay this before. Basically he put a pair of contacts in my eyes and ensured that they fit good. I think I got that pair of contacts included in the fee.

    I also had to pay for it out of pocket - even still - it was kinda of a BS charge.

    I hate when I go to the eye doctor as I feel they take you for everything you got. Glasses are so expensive and I barely wear them. Contacts are cheaper as you can get them from discount places now. But still, I always dread the eye doctor bill.

  • OK - Thanks!

    I have been buying contacts for over 15 years and never had that extra charge.  And you know what sucks even more, no change in my prescription!

    Scarlett and Drew
  • I don't wear contacts or glasses, but that sounds like bullshit. 
  • Oh it's awful! They treat contacts and glasses totally different - all separate fees. There is a separate fee for each contact check-ups and regular eye check-ups and there are separate fees for the coverage of buying contacts and eyeglasses. It's bizarre.
  • i agree! that is crap, i've had to do it before too and it was a "fitting exam". seriously, did my iris suddenly have a growth spurt from last year when you charged me for the same thing?!?!
    image Ridin dirty
  • dh had this for the first time this year and was pissssssed about it.  i guess it is a real charge and not a made up one from his swanky eye doc.  i thought it was bs.
  • Wow, I have never heard of that and I am a long time contact wearer. I have my a check-up every two years (per insurance) and order the contacts on-line and never had a contact exam or had to pay an additional charge, interesting.
  • It's definitely a "real" charge that most doctors's annoying.

    My Boys

  • I don't wear contacts but P does and I always think its bull the extra fee.

    On that note I am on looking for new glasses, which are actually affordable and nice quality. $95 for lenses and glasses. 

  • Total PITA. My old doctor (Optometrist) used to charge me that contact fee ($50 I think).

    My new doctor (Opthalmologist) doesn't dispense contacts and I have to visit the Optometrist on site (who I don't like - and is only in on Wednesdays during the day - no other days anywhere else either, weird). So I end up paying my copay twice.

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