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FUN: Weekend Plans

Today:  workin', then cleaning house and running some last minute weekend before we leave for the weekend.....

Saturday:  CAMPING!!!  We're going up to NH for at least the day, depending on site availability.  A bunch of Chris' college friends will be up there since Friday, but it's supposed to be cold Friday night, so we're just going to head up early Saturday and see what happens.

Sunday:  Either coming home from camping, or having lunch with Jill at PF Changs... we'll see what happens!

Re: FUN: Weekend Plans

  • Friday: another shot at the garage sale

    Saturday: cooking/baking most of the day, baby shower in the afternoon, meeting up with some people for drinks/dessert for a charity benefit in the evening

    Sunday: working in the garden (pulling weeds, yay), more work in the kitchen, other misc chores. 

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  • Today: Off from school, cleaning the house, docs appointment, dinner and a movie with some friends.

    Tomorrow: working in the yard, maybe running to Ikea to look for a desk for our office

    Sunday: finishing up some work for my grad class, spending time with DH

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  • Today: Work, then maybe a hockey game with friends. Free tickets, I hate

    Saturday: Shopping with H. Go browse flower options for my front flowerbed.

    Sunday: Chill, relax, read.

    Monday: Start packing for Tennessee!!! I'm so pumped!

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  • Friday: Work, then squeeze in a run, then drive to the Cape later tonight for a 24-hour visit with our parents.

    Saturday: Hopefully a run to the beach, then doing some landscaping work for my dad. Dinner at one or both parents' houses (or hopefully not at all), then driving home late sat night.

    Sunday: H is working in the afternoon, so I'll drive him and then have 5 hours to myself. I never get time to myself. I almost don't know what to do with myself. Do I crash on the couch and watch chickflicks I can't watch when he's home? Do I go shoe shopping? Do I go to the gym, which is delightfully empty on sundays? Decisions....

  • Tonight - We're doing errands...Jon wants to hit up Verizon to get info on the new Droid Incredible and I want to hit up the Container Store for food storage containers (for things we buy from the bins at Whole Foods like whole wheat couscous and keep them fresher). So it's kind of a dorky Friday night.

    Tomorrow - gym in the morning, then Jon is going to lunch with old coworkers while I get a mani/pedi. Then we have some stuff to do around the house. Saturday night I want to find somewhere fun to watch the Celtics game.

    Sunday - Jon's golfing, I'll probably do meal planning and groceries and clean the floors. Seriously not loving the hardwood floors.

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  • Today: Job interview at 2pm, followed by cookie baking for Bake for the Cure and dinner date with the hubs.  Mildly mourning the loss of our basketball team last night and trying not to stress re: my kids while I'm at work this morning.

     Tomorrow: Packaging cookies for Bake for the Cure and vegging out- going dancing with dbucks!

    Sunday: Sleeping off my inevitable hang over and cuddling my dog.  

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  • Today: Took the day off from work. Muwahahhaa. I'll probably clean and run errands.

    Saturday: Finish any cleaning laundry that isn't done today, watch The Derby!!!

    Sunday: Go to my friends baby shower:) 

  • Today:  Not much - this morning I pulled a muscle in my arm and it HURTS. 

    Saturday - hopefully going to a street festival thing that to me is sign that summer is just around the corner

    Sunday - putting together my new desk that arrived last night

  • Happy Friday!

    Tonight: dinner w/ my awesome parents, then probably relaxing at home and/or working on some school work alone while CB has a guys night.

    Tomorrow: CB's cousin's daughter's 2nd birthday party (::shudder:: so many little kids, thank GOD there will be beer for the adults), CAVS game w/ friends.

    Sunday: putting the finishing touches on the kitchen (I'll take pics too!), school work, relaxing.

  • Tonight - making Nooner's chicken parm pizza, having a bottle of shiraz and watching Anvil the story of Anvil with H.

    Tomorrow - my mom is taking me shopping for work clothes (praise the Lord!), for lunch and pedicures

    Sunday - all we ever do:  Church, grocery shopping, laundry.  Maybe starting LOST season 4.

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  • Today: Work until 5, dinner at Outback with hubs (he's wanting a bloomin' onion). Chilling at home the rest of the night.

    Saturday: Cleaning up the house, getting the guest room ready for when the baby comes so that visitors have a place to sleep.

    Sunday: Grocery shop, I don't know what else.
  • Tonight: Hosting a game night at our place

    Saturday: Plans are kind of up in the air, either typical breakfast at Ma Dukes followed by grocery shopping, or grocery shopping in the AM followed by dinner at my parents to see some OOT family.....either way - Celts and Bruins will be watched.

    Sunday: Not sure - would like to check something off the day zero list though

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  • Today: work till 6, work out, maybe grab a drink wcoworker

    Sat: work 9-5, nap, go out dancing w H

    Sun: Sleep in and have fatty hangover food (McGriddles anyone?) Nom Nom

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  • Hi! Long time no see... work is severely cutting down the nesting time haha

     Today: work out, catch up on DVR, go to a dinner for my grandma. Tonight - bonfire if it doesn't storm.

    Saturday: family wedding

    Sunday: read, lay around, clean

  • Today: work, drive out to the nearest Sonic (a mini road trip lol)

    Saturday: mow the lawn, clean the house, head to my parents as usual

    Sunday: no idea! maybe head to a plant nursery

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  • Friday: work, zumba master class, bake chocolate chip cookies

    Saturday: go to the Apple store to look at a new laptop for me (!), buy some Le Creuset while it's on sale at Williams Sonoma (hopefully use our registry completion discount if it still works, and the last wedding gift card), go to some sort of art gallery thing where BFF's friend works, meet up with other BFF and all go to dinner/drinking in Boston.

    Sunday: brunch at the winery with my parents, maybe make spaghetti and meatballs for the first time ever. Go to bed early, Clint has to leave at 6am Monday morning for a week in NH.

  • Next week, I will have weekends again!! (at least at night)

    My weekend is Monday and Tuesday.  Monday I'm going shopping with my mom for baby things, since we have a little girl (born Monday) and a little boy (born last night!!) to go visit soon.  Tuesday I need to get my transcripts from the other colleges I went to, (on opposite sides of the city--grr) finish my admissions essay and submit my application. 

    Today before work:  going to Victoria's Secret for a bachelorette party gift for next Sat.  And maybe something for me :)

  • Today: No work and we are going to the Bucks Playoff game tonight!!!

    Tomorrow: working since my boss sucks

    Sunday: Most likely being lazy

  • Today: Bedrest:  Read a new book, work on baby blanket (started 4x), watch some tv....

    Tomorrow:  My great Aunt is visiting us, so that should be fun to see her

    Sunday: Church and more bedrest!

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  • Lots of family stuff:

    Tonight: My mom is coming up, and we (including DH) are going to my cousin's opera at U Mass. 

    Saturday: Will try to get a bike ride in since it's going to be gorgeous out.  Then going to hometown for other cousin's 1st communion.  Then meeting up with friend in the city.

    Sunday: Dave's family cookout at his grandmother's.  His aunt is visiting from Alaska.  Then at night I have to work for some overtime.

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  • Today: worked, gym finish moving my mom into her new place

    Saturday: work, MOM MOVES OUT. so excited. gym and sexi time!!

    Sunday: work, gym, more sexi time!! lol.

  • Tonight: Stopping by a bar after work to wish a co-worker good luck with his new job. Then watching the impending severe weather we're supposed to get. Andy is inviting his friend over to watch the Bucks playoff game (but he might go to his house instead... not sure yet)

    Tomorrow: My boss is getting married in the WI Dells, so we'll go to that and if its raining we'll go to the casino between the ceremony and the reception. If its not raining... maybe we'll go do go-karts or other touristy things.

    Sunday: I have no idea yet.

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