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PPA do you think we can fight it question

So yesterday P was in the car waiting for me at a no stopping area next to the bank on 2nd and lombard. He was in the car.

Last night we go to pay another parking ticket we had and what do you know some PPA agent ticketed him that afternoon while he was waiting.

1. They never asked him to move

2. the never put the ticket on the car (which makes me think they did the ticket realized he was in the car and didn't want to get into a fight etc. )


Can we fight this? It is a 76 dollar ticket. 

Re: PPA do you think we can fight it question

  • Can't hurt - MIL just got out of a ticket where she was blatantly parked in a handicapped spot and had no good excuse other than "I honestly didnt see it" and they threw it out.   Sometimes I think if you show up to court, they consider that payment enough.
  • I would try.  It's not like you received a physical ticket.  What proof do they have?

  • definetly!  would u be able to go w/out having to take time off of work?  i think i would fight it
  • I would.  Thier sneaky little sob's

  • I would fight it as long as I didn't have to take a vacation day in order to do it.

    Now, if it was a speeding ticket where I could get points, I would use a vacation day to fight it to avoid my insurance going up.

    But since a parking ticket won't hurt you for years to come, it isn't as big of a deal to me.

  • I bet you could probably fight it and win, but I personally would just suck it up and pay.  I mean, you were stopped in a "No Stopping" zone.  Whether they asked you to move or not, you still deserved the ticket
    DS 3.12.08
    DD 7.11.09
    DD 8.01.13
  • so i just called and there are no tickets on my plate now. but they wanted to pull up the ticket to see if they recended it but i was like UM i never got the ticket I just saw it appear on my account last night.ugh so now i have to call back when i get home with my paid ticket notice number to see if the second non-existing ticket comes up

    so yeah not sure if i have to do anything


  • I had the same issue last year with the 2 hour parking near my work. I would get notices in the mail but no actual ticket on my car. Mind you, I go out and move my car every two hours so I know these were invalid tickets. I went to fight it and lost, they did remove the fees. I was furious

    but honestly, i think it all depends on the person you get that day and how many assshats they have seen prior to you

    David John 4.19.01
    Jonathan Dean 4.5.08
    Anna Capri 5.4.11
  • I think it's worth going in to fight it, they usually see that as making an effort (and usually let you off).
    My Boys

  • We have a 20 minute loading zone outside at work and one day I left my car there for 22 minutes. I never got a ticket, but one was then mailed to my house and in the comments section it said "Driver drove off". I saw NO PPA and believe me, I was looking. I once left my car there for 45 mins and was SOL, so I was looking up and down the street and nothing. I was so irate because I feel like if they didn't make it to your car to give you the ticket, then too late! I didn't fight because I heard really bad things about people losing PPA cases all of the time, so I just paid it. I honestly don't think it's worth fighting because they are going to say you shouldn't have been parked there in the first place. But if it doesn't show up and your house, then maybe you are in the clear.
  • we weren't parked though, P was in the car the whole time.
  • fight it!

    I once had to fight a ticket for an expired meter. I was in the middle of the block and i put money in the meter CLOSEST to my car. I saw the lady writing the ticket and paid her no mind because I KNEW my meter still had time. She then went to put the ticket on my car and I said I still have time on my meter. She then told me I am supposed to put money in the meter IN FRONT of my car not closest to my car ?! I fought and said how am I supposed to know that it is NO WHERE on their website or anything. I won. I got a ticket yesterday for over the limit parking. There was no meter or sign.  

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