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Happy Friday Girlies!  Party!!!

 What is everyone doing this weekend?

Our boat is being launched tomorrow afternoon!!!! YAY!!! So we will probably spend most of our weekend at the yacht club cleaning it and getting it ready for the season.

Have a great day!


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  • Ugh I mean FRIDAY not FIRDAY. I'm still asleep.

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  • We're heading down to Gatlinburg for our anniversary. I know we're going the aquarium, but we're just going to play the rest by ear.

    I wish we were cleaning off a boat that we own though!! My favorite thing in the world is to go out on the boat. Since we moved to TN we don't know anyone with a boat. Boo!

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  • we aren't doing much, i just found out DH has to work tomorrow so i may call my fam and see if they want to find a hike to do. other than that, just plan to enjoy the beautiful weather outside and run some errands.
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  • Happy Friday!  I'm definitely ready for the weekend!  I have a lot of house stuff to do (buy a lawn mower and mow) and am excited that it's going to be nice out here!! 

    And I might do a wine tour with my gf's on Saturday...not sure yet.

  • Yes HAPPY FRIDAY !!!  Took forever to get here !

    Tomorrow H works so I'm gonna do my wifey duties and clean house, do laundry, lay out, and go shoppin lol.  And then Sunday I am suppose to go to a park with 2 friends I have seen in a while and let our puppies play.  And then Monday we both took off work for our anniversary and while the morning is going to suck big time (I have ANOTHER doctors apt... yes i'm still having problems down there Crying) but hopefully the afternoon will be better.  I think we are pondering going to the beach :-)  And then we were gonna probably do a nice dinner at home.

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  • Morning gals! TGIF!!

    Tonight I have to go help set up for the auction tomorrow.  Then, I have to finish making chocolate lollipops (I've done 160, need 250) and the shortbread bars (thanks for helping me pick a recipe!).

    Tomorrow is the auction.  I have to finish setting up in the morning, go home to shower/change, and head back for 5pm.  I should be home by midnight.

    Sunday is going to be spent sleeping!! Stick out tongue

  • Tonight after work we are going to Synagogue.

    Saturday I am hoping to be kinda lazy.  We have to go grocery shopping and I want to go buy a new swimsuit, but I also want to scrapbook a lot (It is national scrapbooking day).  Then we are going out to dinner and probably home to see a movie with either a 6 pack or a bottle of wine.

    Sunday we have church, the gym, and some household chores.  Hopefully I will have more time to scrapbook.

  • Thank God, it's Friday...omg, I need this weekend so badly!

    Tonight, Dh and I are going to meet some friends tonight.

    Tomorrow DH and his friend are going to Vegas for a night to see a concert. I will probably just hang out at home with the pup during the day and then giong out with some girls from work for 1's bday.

    Sunday, DH gets home, so picking them up from the airport and maybe laying by the pool.

  • Just celebrating my birthday since I was out of town last week. Saturday H is taking me out to lunch (my choice, I don't like dealing with Sat. night dinner crowds) and Sunday my sister-in-law is taking me out to lunch. Sunday morning I work at yoga. I heard the weather is supposed to be nice!

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  • My best friend is in town to meet Finley! Today we have lunch with a friend, tomorrow we are going to the Seattle Sounders game, and Sunday I have a baby shower to go to. We are going to try to go bridesmaid dress shopping and to some paper stores to look at wedding invitation ideas! I also need to get a lot of packing done!!! Our truck leaves next Thursday!!!
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