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Remember when....

I said AF came into town last week? Well ya, she didn't. (TMI) I went to the bathroom that morning and had some clots like I usually do when I start, but then nothing. Nothing at all. And I am now like 2 weeks late. No signs of her stopping in town. But last week before I thought she was here I was VERY crampy.

I haven't tested since Saturday. I am going to buy some today and test tonight/tomorrow morning.

I think I'm broken.

Hunter David Robert

Re: Remember when....

  • Or it could have been any number of things... remember when I said a line is a line is a line is a line?

    I say go get another test - maybe a digital this time - see what it says.  If you're still concerned, I would call your doctor and set up an appointment...

    It cant hurt, right?

  • The last two I took were digital. It was the First Response brand (holy expensive!) But I think I'll get those again. (because I have a coupon from the last ones I bought) I already called the doctors yesterday about a blood test, and I'll probably go tomorrow to have it done either way.

    Hunter David Robert
  • Look forward to an update...good luck!
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  • Keep us posted! I don't think you're broken, my dear. I had a lot of spotting in my first trimester, and I thought I had gotten AF, thus I was 2 weeks off on my due date when we finally figured out I was PG and went to the doctor. So we went in for the first u/s and the doctor is all..."are you SURE you're 10 weeks?" and I"m And he's like "yeah, you're more like 12 weeks."

    Point being, like MB's still a possibility.
  • Thanks ladies. I've got to be honest, it makes me so nervous. Especially since I already signed the paperwork for my summer transfer. And I'm super moody lately. Worse than normal, which doesn't help anything.
    Hunter David Robert
  • I definitely understand your nervousness! But, you know, if you are then you are. You can still transfer this summer and you'll be back before you get too big and uncomfortable. It will all work itself out and be just fine. ::hugs::
  • Remember - life doesn't end just because you're pregnant Yes
  • Lizzy,

    I hope everything works out either way:) Keep us posted!

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  • I hope everything works out the way you want it to!

    Best of luck :-)


    Uh-oh, did I do that?!

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