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PR/BR: Chymes (& other GR moms)

I was lurking a few pages back and found the OB recommendations post.  I am recently in the market for an OB (see ticker!!).  I called two different practices: Dr. Klyn and Dr. LaGrand.  Dr. Klyn's secretarty was so weird to me, that after three phone calls, I just decided it wasn't a good fit.  Dr. LaGrand's office has been super nice and helpful and is willing to schedule a first appointment around week 8-9 or so.  I'm feeling pretty nervous about starting with a new OB that I've never met.   

Everyone: Did you ever find an OB that did "meet & greet" type of appointments?  How did you decide where to go?  Who do you see now?

Dr. LaGrand specific: Do they do their own ultrasounds or order them at another area of the hospital?  Do you have a feel for their 'philosophy' on pregnancy and delivery (ie: induction, c-sections, medication, etc..)  Do you feel they would be open to a birth plan that would include as much of a 'natural' environment as possible?  I am due really close to the holidays, and am wondering what they do for coverage if I were to deliver when he is not available?  Any idea about the Dr. Mrs. LaGrand?  When I called the office and asked to see Dr. LaGrand (non gender specific), they told me "He is in a practice by himself, so it takes awhle to get in..."  They have told me a couple of times that he is in a solo practice.  I thought they were a husband/wife team?

Thanks in advance!!


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Re: PR/BR: Chymes (& other GR moms)

  • I'm one of Dr. Klyn's patients.  I'm sorry things were weird.  There are 4 other doctors in that practice, but I've never met any of them.  Although any of them could deliver Baby Rebel depending on when I go into labor and who is on call. 

    My first appt with her was back in September for my yearly exam.  So we got business over with and then I was able to discuss our efforts to conceive.  She was awesome about sharing personal stories of her and her daughter.  I didn't feel rushed and felt good about dealing with her.  

  • Oh, haha! I'm not a mom. Sorry. Far from it.

    From what I understand of the LaGrands' arrangement at Advanced OBGYN, he does the baby stuff, and she does the annual exam/women's health stuff. I asked her about it one time and she said she just wasn't interested in getting into more of the OB stuff.

  • Ha!  Sorry to make that assumption!  Thanks for answering though!

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