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f/u on all of yesterday's drama (Mommom & missing Yankee tix)

So, Mommom's surgery went well, and though she's in a lot of pain, she's being well taken care of at the hospital. She'll be there for at least 4 more days because she'll need physical therapy and learn to use a walker because she will not be allowed to put any weight on her hip for several weeks. I didn't get to tal;k to her last night (because she said not to call until after Dancing with the Stars -LOL!- and by then, she was groggy from the meds) but my sis said she's in good spirits. thanks for all the awesome netie vibes yesterday! You guys rock! Cool

The second segment of yesterday's drama (which I posted as part of the "Monday" chain) is that my yankees tickets have to been uploaded to stubhub by the seller. I got another email from stubhub customer service this morning saying that they are now looking to find equal or better seats and that the seller would have to pay the difference in price since my tickets had been confirmed by them. Fingers crossed that we now get even better seats! It could all work out after all, but I'm only being cautiously optimistic at this point. I warned my sister that there was a snag, but hopefully we will not have to disappoint my nephew and BIL by missing this last-chance opportunity to make a memory together. We shall see...

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After 22 cycles and 4 failed IUIs, Serafina joined our family through IVF/ICSI, born 8.28.12
Surprise! The Sequel is due 12.8.14!

Re: f/u on all of yesterday's drama (Mommom & missing Yankee tix)

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