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Happy Monday

Although it's not so happy for me...first day back to work after a week long vacation is not fun.  My inbox was over it's size limit the day after I left and I just spent 2 hours going through it.  I'm exhausted and grumpy, but that could also have something to do with my insane allergies.

My vacation was fabulous; I have reviews and pics in my blog.  We had such a great time and I wish we would have been able to stay longer.  I got a nice tan, but I feel like it's already starting to fade.  I miss waking up and seeing the ocean right outside my window. 

I'm in class all day today, tomorrow and Wednesday and then off Friday, so this week shouldn't be too horrible.  Hopefully it will go by quickly.  We had a showing on Saturday and we were supposed to have a showing yesterday, but the realtor canceled at the last minute.  We went out to look at some open houses, but they pretty much all sucked or were out of our price range.  I have a feeling we'll be in our place for another year or so because of the market. 

Hope everyone has a great day!

Re: Happy Monday

  • Welcome back Izzy. Coming back from vacation is the worst. I'm exhausted today - Jack was up at 3:30, then at 4:30 and didn't go back to sleep until 5:15. so needless to say - I didn't get much sleep! I think he has another tooth breaking through.

    Your pictures looked amazing! I cannot wait to go away in February. H and I are really leaning toward Rockhouse.

  • Welcome back! I saw your pics on FB.. I was super jealous! Glad you had a good time.

    We went to my parent's new house this weekend and had a really great time. My H was happy because he got to golf yesterday! And I got to hit up the amazing outlets :) It was a win-win!

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