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Hello NOLA!

I just wanted to introduce myself. My name is Jodi and my husband is a US Marine. We just got stationed here 2 months ago. I am expecting our first children, two boys! I am hoping to make it three more weeks before they make their appearance. I miss NC like crazy  but I am trying to embrace life down here.  Its hard to get out and see stuff when you are this friggen huge, but I am trying.  Most of the people down here I have met have been very rude and I am scared to drive most of the time. I am hoping to see some good in the area because we will be here for a while. I am sure it is a lot of fun and maybe when the boys are older and mobile I can explore some more! So here's hoping to connect with some people here! Smile


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Re: Hello NOLA!

  • Hi!.. and welcome to NOLA!.. I'm so sorry that you had a bad experience with the people that you've met so far!... New Orleans is a great place!.. There is ALWAYS something to do!... a festival or some kind of social event EVERY weekend!.. this board hasn't been very life lately... When I  moved here I was also super scared of driving... invest in a GPS--that definitely helped me out!... congrats on your babies and good luck!
  • Welcome and congrats on your babies! I nannied for twin infants a couple years ago and it was the greatest job ever. I love twins :)

    I'm sorry that people haven't been very nice so far, I wonder if maybe it is the tourists. I've always found the locals to be great. 

    I definitely agree on investing in a GPS, mine is a life saver! It took me forever to learn my way around Baton Rouge and now that I finally figured it out we are moving to NO so I'm in the same boat as you. It's scary at first but you'll be ok :) 



  • Oh, I have a GPS and I LIVE by it! lol without it I would be totally screwed. I am more afraid because people run red lights all the time and cut you off and just generally drive crazy. Reminds me of washington DC...with potholes the size of small canyons! lol I wish I could enjoy jazz fest this weekend, but I am already looking like I wont carry these boys full term so I am not doing all that walking around. thanks and its nice to meet you! :)
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  • Welcome! What part of town are you living in?
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  • Hey! I posted a message to you over on the Multiples board. Make sure you see it. :)
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  • image LTF525:
    Welcome! What part of town are you living in?

    I live over on the westbank.

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