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Some days I just want to wring DH's neck!

Dh has a temper.  He is bad at controlling it at certain times.  Its always directed towards things, never to people, but he makes me mad when he does it, because its for stupid things and it makes things worse.

Our weed wacker wouldn't start on the weekend, so he threw it and broke it.  Today, our lawn mower wouldn't start, so he came inside and punched a hole in the drywall.  Way to go DH...and of course he won't fix it, he'll leave it like that until I fix it.  Yup...let the wife who spends 12 hours a day taking care of the kids and doing all the cooking and cleaning fix your sh!t too.

He's so frustrating and immature...and his defence today is that he didn't hit it hard...yeah, cuz your whole arm just falls through the drywall when you tap it.  Our house already looks like crap cuz he won't clean up after himself and I refuse to do it to a point.  And now we have a nice big hole in the wall.  At least I haven't painted that part of the house yet.

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Re: Some days I just want to wring DH's neck!

  • eek. That sucks, I don't even know what to say. If my husband pulled that crap his clothes would be all over the front lawn and the locks would be changed. I wouldn't want that behaviour used as a role model for my son. Has he tried going to anger management sessions?

    And I would definitely make him clean up his own mess. Why should you do it?

    It sounds really frustrating. I hope things get better for you.

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  • argh. i hope it gets better!
  • Ditto Lisah. Would he go to anger management?

    I wouldn't be picking up after him either. Or cooking his meals. Or anything else until he clues in a bit to what you have to do. 

    I hope your night gets better.

  • To somewhat of a lessor extent DH does the same thing some times....  We have a rule in our house if we buy anything requiring assembly... I take care of it, because he doesn't have the patience to make it work and would wind up getting frustrated and breaking/ruining it.

    I'm not sure what to say, is that I can feel your pain... and maybe just try to remember those things that you love about him and see if you two can come up with a way to work through this.

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  • I would not be okay with my husband teaching our children that these kind of over reactions are acceptable.  Punching a hole in the wall because the lawn mower won't start?  Just the fact that he had to come INSIDE to take out his anger over a small thing outside is sending up red flags for me.  He didn't react where the problem was, that was a pretty conscious and deliberate action. 

    And I don't think it's okay just because he hasn't taken it out on a person or animal yet.  I don't understand how you can be so casual about it.

  • woah, punching a hole in the wall because the lawn mower wont start is out of control, I would be afraid. This is only going to escalate
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  • My friends H is/was like that. Its actually more common in males than I thought. She was able to overlook it until kids came into the picture. She was worried about the example he was setting for the kids, especially their son. He took anger management classes and is doing really well and very rarely has outbursts. Maybe you should calmly talk to him about this considering the example he is setting for you kid(s).



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  • that is a huge warning sign to me.  Good luck.  He needs anger management.
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