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Vance AFB in Enid, OK?!?!?!

DH just got his orders which is very exciting bc Vance was his first pick and it's just good to finally know some plans.

 Have any of you lived in Enid??  Off-base or on-base?? From what I've been able to find online there aren't many choices for off-base living.  =(  Not so sure that's what we'll even do, I was just browsing all options. 

**The Lord takes broken pieces and by His love makes us whole**


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Re: Vance AFB in Enid, OK?!?!?!

  • I don't know much about Vance, but have you tried looking for housing on and I'm assuming you want to rent since you won't be there long and there are usually quite a few rentals on those websites. Hope that helps!
  • We didn't try to get base housing.  We ended up renting at Indian Oaks.  The aparments were okay, but we felt like they tried to screw us financially.  We wanted a one year lease, but they said that they only do 6 month leases.  Fine, we signed a six month lease.  When we signed again for a second 6 months, rent went up about 12%.  They told us that our introductory rent rate was over, but we were never told nor did it say anywhere in our lease that our rate was a special introductory rate.  At this point we weren't going to move again since we only had about 8 months left, so we signed at the higher rate for 6 more months.  When our second 6 months was up, rent went up again about 12%.  This time we argued with them and they let us keep our previous rate for our remaining 2 months.  I'm sorry, but two 12% increases in one year is just a little ridiculous.  These people also run Winchester West and Edgewood Arms.  Winchester West is right next to Indian Oaks and is pretty much exactly the same.  Edgewood Arms is farther away and smaller, but we got a really weird feeling when we toured it.  It's also a little more expensive than the other two. 

    The only other place we had experience with was Sunridge Estates where a couple of our friends lived.  They have washers/dryers in the units, which Indian Oaks did not, but they were a lot more expensive.  I don't know if they're still under the same management, but when we were there our friends said the guy was a little hard to deal with. 

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  • Hi!  I'm from Texas too!  My sister went to Texas A&M as well.  Congratulations on your marriage.

    DH and I just moved to Corpus Christi from Enid, OK.  We, too, lived at Indian Oaks Apartments.  Although there aren't many places off base to live, the places that there are, are full of military and their spouses.  It's kinda nice when DH is busy studying and you've got nothing to do (Enid isn't a crazy happening place).  We never experienced any of the financial burdens mentioned previously, but we may have been there at a different time.  DH signed 12 months and was there almost the full time - July '07-March '08. 

    Happy home hunting. :)

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  • Try looking on as well. You'll have to sign up, but it's really easy. There's probably overlap in what's on there and what's on, but they're both great! I found the house we're in my calling a realtor I saw on AHRN.
  • My husband and I are here now (Pilot training...) and it's alright. We have a house on-base and we love living on base! You can find houses off base, but I'd honestly recommend on-base! They're building brand-new houses right now, which are very nice! Housing is privatized, through Pinnacle and they've been great so far. We've been here since July- and will be here for a while.

    As far as I know, everyone will be moved into the new houses this spring- but if you get here before, these older houses (which we live in) are definitely fine. I love living on base, I work at the CDC so we rarely leave. 

    Enid- well- it kinda sucks. :) Haha. It's a very small town, but everyone is very friendly. I'm a shopaholic, and the Enid mall doesn't exactly give me my fix, but it's still pretty nice here! 

    I'd try sunridge estates if you want to live off base, it's about 1/2 mile from the main gate, and from what I hear, it's mostly a military community.

    Any other questions- let me know!!! 

  • Wonderful!!! Sounds like we are in very similar situations.  DH and I will be there for pilot training as well.  We are hoping to live on base.  Did y'all get into on base housing immediately or were you on the wait list?  If you were on the wait list, what did you do in the mean time? 

    So everyone is moving to the new houses once they are built??  That seems like a huge project! But I definitely wouldn't pass up that oppurtunity!!

     Can I get your email address?  That way in case I have any questions I could just email you instead of checking back to this post each time!

    Thanks so much for your help!! Maybe we'll get to meet someday! =)  We are new to the AF and having to take it all in at lightning speed!

    **The Lord takes broken pieces and by His love makes us whole**


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  • rachandmarc-  I just saw your post! Thanks for the too!! When I looked at your profile, I noticed that we have the same wedding date!! Pretty neat!! =)  Thanks for the advice!  This is our first move and I hope it goes smoothly!! I'm assuming a first for y'all as well?

    **The Lord takes broken pieces and by His love makes us whole**


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