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I felt like this episode was a lot of filler again. I need more! At least this episode had Sawyer. I wonder if Widmore will actually turn out to be a "good" guy by keeping Smokey on the island?

Claire Elizabeth 12/31/2011
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  • After such a good episode last week, I went right back to being bored this week.  The good thing is, I got a good dent in the book I'm reading and was still able to keep up with the nothing that happened on Lost.
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    Lordy. Grow some balls and stop lurking. It's like stealing from the internet. Jesuschrist. -- AudreyHorne
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  • image GroomzMcFinehiney:
    After such a good episode last week, I went right back to being bored this week.

    Word. I thought Desmond was Russell Crowe for a second when he was staring at Sayid. And holyshit, Sayid in the water was HILARIOUS.

    Also: "Unless Richard is dipped in bacon, I doubt Hurley can track anything."

    I bet her FUPA's name is Shane, like the gunslinger/drifter of literature.--HappyTummy
  • I liked when Jin saw the pictures of his daughter.

    Sun losing her ability to speak English was ridiculous.

  • image HappyTummy613:

    Sun losing her ability to speak English was ridiculous.

    At least she actually got some lines for once.

  • Have we talked about the whole "what happened, happened" thing? Like no matter what universe they are in, these things are still going to happen to them? Mikhail being shot in the eye, Sun getting pregnant, Sawyer and Juliet perhaps?
    Claire Elizabeth 12/31/2011
    Married Bio
  • I thought the same thing about Desmond looking exactly like Russel Crowe there for a minute.  I had no doubt that he was "the package", so there was no surprise there.  But I was still filled with glee at seeing him, brotha.

    The episode was boring, but I enjoyed Miles' quip about Hurley only finding Richard if he was smothered in bacon grease and LaPenis' response of, "Hey.  Don't talk about bacon."
    And I liked Sun's attempt to out-bug-eye Ben. 
    But I'm not liking emotionless Sayid.  And Kate did almost nothing this episode but still managed to bug the shiizz out of me.

    "That chick wins at Penises, for sure." -- Fenton
  • Well we can look forward to some girl on girl action between Kate and Claire in the near future.
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