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I already posted on travel so if you already replied, thanks!! But thought you ladies might have some good insights as well...

Am looking for decent hotel recs? It's 5 girls going so ideally was looking at an apt but everything seems like a 3 night minimum (we're going for 2) so will probably be looking at a double and a triple.

Also any recs on your favourite things to do would be greatly appreciated! I know of all the typical touristy things but looking for good places to go that may be a bit more local or off the beaten path?

Re: Amsterdam!

  • We stayed at the NH hotel near Leidseplein a few times, which I'd recommend, they often have very good deals (like 79?/night, which is dirt cheap for Amsterdam) They also have one near Dam square I think. I personally prefer the area of Leidseplein to Dam square but that's a question of taste I guess.

    We used to go to Amsterdam about 3 times a year so for us it was more a relaxing/shopping weekend than doing touristy things. I'm perhaps stating the obvious here, but you should go to Anne Frank's house & Van Gogh museum and eat indonesian food. I can't remember the name of places we went to but there are tons of them, I 'm sure of the "Dutchies" of the board will be able to help!

    Oh, one thing we enjoyed was going to Boom Chicago on Leidseplein, which is an improv comedy show with dinner/drinks thingy (though I'd skip dinner, was so-so). It's all in english as it's a bunch of american guys who came to Amsterdam travelling a few years ago & basically never left... as it's improv it really depends on the night/audience, but we nearly peed ourselves laughing when we went.

  • No hotel recs, since we stayed at Citizen M hotel at the airport and it was not a 5 girls / girls weekend kind of place.

    One place I liked in Amsterdam was the this cafe in the center. When you come out of cental station, look for a really big building which says Jesus loves you (pic). They have a really nice bar/cafe called Dwaze Zaken in the bottom of that building. Someone told us it was something like Foolish things in English. Everyone liked their dessert//drinks and they were affordable for downtown AMS. We went there a few times on both visits. They also have the most creative toilets I've ever seen.

  • I saw your post over on the travel board. What do you like to do? Are you old-building people? Outdoorsy (and if so, is it walking in parks/looking at flowers, or rock climbing-abseiling level)? Food-and-wine lovers? Boutique shopping? Spa-day relaxation women?

    Also when are you going? And do you plan/would you plan on leaving the city limits?

    I know, tons-o-questions. But at least this way suggestions can be more tailored for your needs. 

  • Thanks ladies!


    We all have different tastes so should be interesting (er, can think of other less polite words)...

    We are there for 3 solid days - May 22-24. I think we're more into doing than relaxing this time. Since it's only 3 days, would it be worth it to leave the city?

    I definitely want to take a canal cruise. Otherwise I'm sure we'll do Van Gogh and Anne Frank.

    Outdoors - good but don't plan on bringing any serious shoes so something pretty moderate.

    What are the good shopping areas? I'm big into boutiques but of the affordable variety?

    And am hoping we'll try and keep costs affordable for most meals but I'd quite like one really impressive one out.

  • image laurimi:

    And am hoping we'll try and keep costs affordable for most meals but I'd quite like one really impressive one out.

    Supper Club, hands down one of the best meals I've ever had - 5 courses from memory, all of them amazing. Think it was 75? for the food/ent/entry to nightclub.

  • Leaving isn't that big of a deal- You can get from tip to toe of the whole country in a few hours. LOL

    If you can't afford the supper club, you can also do a canal cruise at night. They do dinner on board. I have no idea as to the quality of the food, but it certainly would be a memorable, unique experience.

    An option is to pop over to Muiden. It's a 5 minute trip by car, a teensy bit longer by public transport. There's a castle there (called Muiderslot). It's just a shell but you can access pretty much all of it. You can also get access to a day trip to Pampus Island from there. It's walking but tour groupie kind of thing, not massive hikes. The town itself is super tiny and so cute with canals running through the middle of it, sidewalk cafes. There's a nicer restaurant there: De Doelen which is really good, but French cuisine not Dutch.Website is in Dutch, but they speak perfect English. It's way off the beaten track as far as tourism goes, but still right there locationwise. And you can get back in time for hitting the town at night....

    Boutique shopping can be expensive. Very expensive. There are some areas of regular shopping just by Dam Square, but frankly most of the shops you have in London. You are missing the funky Sunday handmade markets (boo!) over your weekend, but the normal street markets are open.

    I would hit Blond, though. It's cute, and Dutch-women owned. And this site is in all Dutch, but it's basically a list of shops on a shopping route.  It's themed for Mother's day, so it's adult female shops plus food. The name/address is right there for you to follow.

    There's an outlet mall (45 min by train then 10 min by bus) in Lelystad. But again it's mostly things you can get there as well (Levi's, Polo, CK, etc). But it does have a great pancake house that brews its own beer. And sits on the water so nice views. And you can get onto the replica of the Batavia and hit the New Land Museum (all 3 min walk from mall) so technically you can do some touristy things as well. 

    I highly recommend grabbing a self-guided bike tour. You will see a ton of the city, but if something catches your eye you can stop where ever you want.  And they can design routes for you to follow the boutique shops.

  • Wow - this is fabulous - love you!!

    And Veg - definitely going to look into Supper Club - the beds look fun! haha

    But why will we miss Sunday markets? We're there Sat to Mon?! And if not, where are they? Sounds fun!

    Getting very exciting now :)

  • Nah, the funky handmade/vintage only market is on only one Sunday a month. May 2 is the only one in May. They should have called it "the 7 times a year only market" instead of "Sunday market". LOL
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