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Knock knock...

Anyone home? It's so quiet here!

Well I just wanted to introduce myself. I'm Belle :) I'm from Massachusetts, and my husband is from Louisiana. We moved to Baton Rouge about 2 years ago and now we are moving to New Orleans. MH just accepted a job offer and we will be moving in about month.

I'm wicked excited cause I absolutely love the city. We've been talking about moving for a while, I just can't believe it's happening. 

Anyways, I've made a ton of friends on the BR board and hope to do the same here :) 

Re: Knock knock...

  • Welcome!  This board is super dead Sad.

    Maybe some new girls can get it going!

  • Ahh so this is your other post - hi! - we 3 ladies definately need to get this board going a little!!


  • Yes, please.  I promise to check in more if we actually TALK.  lol
  • Well there have been 49 views in total of this post and the GTG post so someone out there is having a look...? Maybe we should jointly make an effort to post and or reply to at least 1 new topic a day?


  • What part of town are yall moving to?  Any idea yet? The city is great.  Moved here about 2 years ago and lived on the Northshore at first, then moved Uptown and lovin' every second of it.  There's just so much to do here--never a dull moment!
  • I don't know where we're moving to yet... I'm working really centrally at a hotel in the French Quarter so somewhere near there hopefully. I've been looking at flats to rent but haven't found anything yet so it might be a bit of hotel living for a couple of weeks.

    Actually I wanted to ask - what are the better areas of NOLA to live in? I don't want us to end up anywhere dodgy! 

    Glad to hear you love it PP. FI and I have been living somewhere super sleepy and are DYING for some fun and excitement! 

  • I love the uptown area... or the Lower garden district area... It's great... lots of young professionals live in this area... it's pretty safe... lots of restaurants, bars and always stuff to do!...If you don't mind a commute and want something more lowkey or want a safe place to raise a family or retire I'd recommend the Northshore... you'd have to cross the lake everyday but I'd definitely consider living there if kids were in our near future!..


    Try craigs list... or in the rental section.. this is how we've found our place... and good luck :-) 

  • Hey thanks for the suggestions - it's hard to know where to look for apartments if you're not familiar with the area! Have been having a browse through craigslist but will have a look at nola too :)


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