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Update on the fashionista.

So, we took the fashionista shopping and amongst other things got her a spring coat. I wanted something for the wind/rain mainly as she layers her clothes and doesn't really need warmth. I was woo'd by this gorgeous knee-length, double-breasted trenchcoat in pure white. She looks amazing in it. So we bought it. Yesterday, on her second day of wear, she comes home and says it is a bit dirty. Um, yeah, why didn't I twig that she has to ride her bike over a dirt path to/from school 4x a day while I was standing in the store? Oh, yeah, because I was woo'd by "pretty, pretty" like a stupid moron. Sigh. Now I am going to have the wash the sucker once a week to keep it clean. I actually considered going back and buying a second one to rotate. Cuz that's more sensible than, say, buying a non-white coat. Confused

Anyway, I had "toddler and tiaras" on. The fashionista said it would be cool to be one of those girls. Not the prancing around on stage part making stupid faces, but the getting to wear beautiful gala dresses.

"Mom. Can we go somewhere where I can wear a gala dress?"

me (sarcastically), "like the Vienna New Year's concert?" 

she (calling my bluff), "Ooooooo. That'll work."

Yeah, sure, will get right on that. Of course this gave me yet ANOTHER opportunity of extolling the virtues of staying in school and getting a good job. Cuz custom Chanel dresses and ?720 concert tickets ain't coming from this tight wallet. You want it, you earn it.

I still can't figure out how this child ended up this way. Her other mom dresses like a prostitute (typical newcastle type) and I am such a freakin frumpy hippy who is "most likely to end up on what not to wear". It's not in the DNA that's for sure.....



Re: Update on the fashionista.

  • I actually considered going back and buying a second one to rotate. Cuz that's more sensible than, say, buying a non-white coat.

    That sounds perfectly sensible to me! Anything to save washing the damn thing once a week (this coming from the woman who bought herself a sparkling white dry clean only winter coat because she got carried away by the pretty...) 

    LOL at gala dresses, this child definitely needs to save her allowance & start thinking about baby-sitting! 

  • I'm with Val?rie but....I also want to see a picture of the amazingly cute jacket!


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  • are a must!  That being said...DH and I really want to go to a fancy type event where I can wear an evening gown, while we're here.  Any ideas (other than the Vienna thing you mentioned, 'cause we ain't rich).
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  • I'll ask the Mr. if he knows of anything. People really are slack now days. We suggested black tie for our wedding. Yeah, like that happened. We even had one guest in jeans. Confused

    If I don't get back to you on this remind me. My brain has been a sponge lately. 

    And I have wanted to go to the Vienna thing for ages but like that's going to happen in real life. LOL

  • OMG, she cracks me up!
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