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Rainy Monday

What a gloomy day outside.  I wish I could still be in bed or snuggled up in a blanket on the couch watching some trashy TV.

I am exhausted and can't seem to get moving on all the work I have to do.  My presentation last week went pretty well, but I am definitely not cut out for all that travel in one day.

We had an impromtu showing yesterday with a woman looking for an investment property.  The house wasn't 100% showing ready, but I figured that an opportunity is an opportunity and the house didn't really look that bad.  We had some friends over Saturday night, so the house was pretty clean and everything was pretty much put away.  Just like everyone else, she said how nice it is and how it would be easy to rent because it's updated.  I'm hoping that the market will pick up a little bit as we get closer to the end of April.

Is it bad that I want to call out sick for the rest of the day and do nothing?

Re: Rainy Monday

  • No, it's not bad that you want to call out :)

    I only have a 3 day work week and then I'm off till Tuesday so I don't mind being at work today even though the weather makes me want to sleep.

    We pretty much stayed in and watched movies....I loved "The Blind Side", it's such and amazing story and then we rented "Law abiding citizen" which was also a good movie. The only bad thing was that I ate like crap all weekend!!

    So what are everyones plans for Easter?  We just go to my parents for dinner with my sister and her FI and of course the baby :)

  • Morning. I'm so excited that I have a 4 day week, and that Friday is supposed to be gorgeous! Looks like a nice weekend overall. H and I are going car shopping Sat - just test driving so we can start narrowing our choices down. we wont be buying until June. I'm still excited to look, though!

    Jack had his 9 month pics yesterday - I can't wait to see them! I also just registered him for swim lessons at the YMCA. My mom has a pool, so I want him to get used to the water before the summer. I can't wait to see if he likes it.

  • No Easter plans and I'm happy about that. I'm sure we'll just end up going over my parents.
  • I hope the showings pick up, Izzy. 

    And yay for 4-day weeks!!! I'm so excited to be off on Friday AND that it's supposed to be gorgeous.

    We're headed to Maryland on Thursday night so hopefully MIL is up for some time out on the pier or at least the deck since it will be so nice. My family is joining us down there for Easter dinner on Saturday, I think. 

    image Baby Birthday Ticker Ticker
    Baby Birthday Ticker Ticker
  • I would much rather be on the couch under a blanket watching daytime TV right now!

    My weekend was pretty good though.  I got a lot of the  baby stuff from my shower put away.  I also saw the movies "Remember Me" and "The Blind Side."  Both were very good but Remember Me was kinda crazy!

    No Easter plans for me either - probably just a relaxing day after we go to church.

  • We're heading down to my parents Thursday night.  I hope the weather is as nice down the shore as it's supposed to be up here.  On Easter, we're going to mass, then my mom's parents for bruch, then my aunt's house for dinner.  Lots of driving and eating on Sunday.

  • I don't think we are leaving the house today it is so miserable.  Saturday morning the shop was without power for about 4 hours because some girl crashed into a major power pole and wiped out 3 different towns power.  She drove away, but people saw her and when they picked her up a while later she was arrested for DUI, failure to provide insurance and registration, among the fleeing of the scene and what not.  Luckily no one was hurt, but what a mess.

    We will be heading to my mom's in Cherry Hill for Easter.  It'll be a lot of driving this week.  We pick up the sk's Wednesday night, up and back to Bucks County.  Then up and back to my mom's on Easter, and up and back to Bucks County Monday night to take the kids to their mothers.  I hate long car rides. 

  • Such a busy weekend... fun, but busy. We're also without a kitchen now. Demolition wasn't as fun as I had hoped... DH wouldn't let us use a sledgehammer bc he didn't want to ruin the floors. Party pooper!

    I have been so forgetful today. It's one of those days..

    We're going to my sister's house in Philly for Easter. I'm looking forward to a pretty calm holiday. That doesn't happen too often.

  • I don't mind being at work when it's raining.  I hate being at work when it's 75 and sunny though.

    This weekend I had a baby shower that lasted six hours.  The mom to be was two hours late.

  • Natalie: Why was the Mom 2 hrs late!!  That stinks, they are bad enough when they are 3 hrs long, I can't imagine 6 hrs
  • OMG - a 6 hour shower? I'd die!

    I'm meeting with a couple BMs on Thurs to plan my future SIL's shower. I hope we can do this drama-free. Should be interesting.

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