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Found a job... sorta :)

I just started my new job! It is working in student services for a large university in New Mexico! It is the perfect position for me - except it is only part-time. So, I'm still stuck in retail for the present moment working full-time at night and during the day I'm at the university. I still couldn't be happier. I think having to look for over a year makes me appreciate it more, but I'm still dead tired after just the first week of this schedule. But, on the upside, all my earnings are going straight into our house fund, so that is a great feeling.

To be honest, it is just nice to have a job and not constantly be job searching. It just isn't fun; in this market it is easy to be hard on yourself when things don't work out. Anyone else out there still looking around?

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Re: Found a job... sorta :)

  • Yay! Congrats! I totally know how you feel. I'm still looking for something more permanent, but as I mentioned below I started a temp job this week. And I know what you mean about being tired... after waking up at 5 AM for three days this week, last night while H and I were watching movies at home I feel asleep! I am very grateful for this opportunity though, just like you said, even if it's not exactly what I wanted.

  • Congratulations! It is always good to get your foot in the door at a place where you would like to work! I have been holding down two part-time jobs for a while but I am still looking for a full-time job. We're hoping DH will get into medical school and if that happens, I HAVE to get a full-time job. We'll see!
  • Congrat's!!  Part time will sometimes move to full time and your foot is in the door.  I am really happy for you!! 
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  • Congrats! I'm very excited for you!
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  • congrats!  That will at least be good for your resume and to get some references.
  • Congratulations! :0)
  • Congratulations!  Sounds like you have a great attitude about the situation, hope all goes well Smile
  • Congrats!  A part time job is a great start!  I hope it flips to a full-time quickly!
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