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XP: How do you treat fever blisters/cold sores?

I also posted this on D&R but thought some of you might have suggestions. 

I get them all the time - the ones on my lips are especially bothersome.

I use Abreva, and I think it does cut down on the time but I still have to muddle through the icky stages of it.

How do you deal with them? Any tips for getting them to clear up quickly? Is the Abreva worth applying once it scabs over?

Mine is scabbed over right now and SO GROSS. I'm embarassed to talk to people because of it... but I don't know how else to treat it?

Re: XP: How do you treat fever blisters/cold sores?

  • I use carmex, I think it works better than abreva, and it is about $1 at a drug store. Hope that helps, I hate having cold sores! Also, I tend to notice that I get cold sores more when my immune system is not very strong, often when I am about to get sick, am sick, or am getting over something. So maybe bulk up on vitiman C for a bit too.

    Just remember--no one notices them as much as you do!

  • Ugh! I get these too ALL The time, in fact i have them right NOW!!!  Luckily they are almost healed


    I swear by Abreva. It really seems to be the only thing that helps with the healing, although it still takes a long time

     I also notice if I do NOT wear chapstick w/ SPF and am in the sun or wind, i am more apt to getting them....stress also plays a huge factor.


    I used to take Lysine tablets which is supposed to help PREVENT them, I should start back with it, but havent had the chance.....maybe now I will :(


    Good luck!!!

  • Forget any over the counter stuff. Go to your doctor and get an antiviral medication, usually a pill. I get cold sores a few times a year, and the antiviral med has been a godsend. I never get the blister, just the tingling.
  • In clinical studies, Abreva decreased the length of the cold sore by ONE DAY.  I'm with Sadle; get a prescription for famciclovir and you'll never look back.


  • I agree about getting a Rx for medication.  I have both an ointment and an oral pill. I will say that Valtrex is horrible so if your doc gives you that you should ask for something else. Valtrex is really good if you catch it at the absolute first sign of the cold sore. I tend to get mine in the middle of the night, so when I wake up I have a cold then it is too late for Valtrex to work.  I have famvir as an oral pill and that works wonders.  I have a different kind for ointment. 

    But Abreva is not awful and I would continue to use this if you don't want to get a Rx (your regular family doc should be able to give Rx for this.)  Also, lysine tablets can help prevent cold sores and can also help them go away faster (just bcz you take lysine does not mean you won't ever get another cold is not 100% prevention.)  As far as putting on more abreva with the scab.,..if it is truly just a scab it won't make much of a difference, but if there is even a little bit left of the cold sore, keep using it.

    as far as you looking bad bcz of it, I have found that MOST people do not notice or even care.  So try not to focus on it bcz they probably aren't (some will and some will be insensitive asswipes about it.) 

  • I also use the lysine tablets, and abreva.
  • Have your doctor prescribe Denavir. It works really fast -much faster than Abreva.
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