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Yay for Monday :)

Good Morning! How was your weekend?!
Don't worry about tomorrow. After all, today is the tomorrow that you worried about yesterday. Take each day as it at a time. Midnight Baking Adventures Blog

Re: Yay for Monday :)

  • Wow what a weekend! I'm exhausted!

    Friday I worked OT, Saturday I worked OT. I left work and went to my cousin's Sweet 16 bday party :) It was fun until the cops showed up, lol- Noise Ordinance violation at 9pm- My parents have lived in that house for 20+ years now and have had tons of parties, and never 1 complaint. A new neighbor moves into the area and bam- cops show up.  DJ was witty though- he played the theme song from COPS when they came walking down the driveway, lol.

    Yesterday was yard work! AND grout cleaning- blech. But I am almost finished with my front yard landscaping, and the grout is much less icky looking now that I scrubbed it with acid- I only finished about half though- my eyes and lungs didn't quite like the fumes... but it makes me feel so much better to see it looking a little nicer!

    Tonight- working my 2nd job then hopefully going home to finish the 2nd half of the grout- yay, lol!

    Don't worry about tomorrow. After all, today is the tomorrow that you worried about yesterday. Take each day as it at a time. Midnight Baking Adventures Blog
  • Lena- lol at the dj playing the cops song!

    Friday- I was busy all evening. I got a pedi, looked for some shorts, but didn't find any. I did find two shirts though so that's good. Sat- went to Ridgecrest to a baby shower. Driving long distances is not fun when pregnant! We got home around 10 and I promptly went to bed. Yesterday- I picked dh up from the airport. We spent the day just relaxing at home and I read a little.

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  • Good Morning!

    So sad the weekend is over.  Friday I had a dentist appt and then just came home and relaxed.

    Saturday we got up and DH went to the driving range while I went to my hair appt.  I came home and he was finishing up mowing the front yard.  We made a trip to the nursery near by to get some stuff to kill the bugs eating our garden plants.  After that, we got ready and went to dinner.  After dinner we came home and ordered New Moon off PPV and watched that.

    Sunday DH went golfing and I went and got my nails done.  After that we went to Target to get Easter stuff for my stepkids and to the driving range.  We came home ate dinner and caught up on our DVR'd shows.

    Tonight I'm going to get a pedicure and that is it. 

  • Great weekend once again, been having lots of those lately :) Friday
    night we got Miguels and hung out at my parents' and with my bro and
    Saturday L and I went to Target with my mom and we BBQd at the ILs
    that afternoon. We got home, put L to bed and watched most of New Moon
    - A fell asleep.
    Sunday we planted more stuff and had lunch at Mi Tortilla. And
    finished New Moon!

  • Lol Now I have the theme song stuck in my head.

    This weekend was great. I mean, really, really, really great. :D C found 2 new books to add to his collection, I survived my 5k & was pretty proud of my time. P had a craving for pizza & I actually agreed. The pups got their weekly visit to the park & we finally picked up C table & all the supplies so he can color to his hearts content. <3 Wonderful weekend.

    Happy Monday!

  • Happy Monday! 

    We had a nice weekend.  Friday night C, Sarah and I went to the Lake Elsinore outlets where I got a bunch of new clothes.  I finally threw out my maternity t-shirts!  :-)  We also got Sarah's feet measured and she's up almost a full size so we bought her a pair of Timberland sandals (on sale!).  We then came back to Corona to go to dinner at NYPD...yummmm...

    Saturday and Sunday were spent concentrating on potty training Sarah!  She actually did pretty good.  I just have to remember that 1-it's not going to happen overnight and 2-DO NOT GIVE UP!  I kept doubting myself and thinking she wasn't really ready after each accident but she IS ready...she does it all day everyday at school.  So, she's at school in big girl underpants!  Yay! 

    I made an awesome carmelized onion gorgonzola cheese pizza last was delish!!  :-)

    Nothing planned for tonight except sleep.  I had horrible insomnia last night and only got about 3 hours. 

    Hope everyone has a great day!

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  • Becki - Love the new pic!!

    Lori - H and I had NYPD pizza the day after our wedding when we were coming back from Glen Ivy =D

    Friday was H's birthday and we met people at a brewery in Irvine for dinner. After some drinks and food, we headed to the karaoke place down the street which ended up being so much fun! All through dinner people kept saying how they werent sure about this and they dont karaoke but we pretty much got everyone up and singing at some point. My favorite was my very reserved/shy BIL belting out Prince's Faith hehe. I think it definitely helped having a private room since you werent singing it front of strangers. Everyone had a great time and we hung out at the bar next door for a few hrs after that since no one was ready to call it a night. On our way home, I got pulled over by OC Sheriff's dept who were looking to nail someone with a DUI...he claimed I was speeding but I hadnt been and I knew he just said that as an excuse to pull us over. I was DD that night so I wasnt in any danger to get a DUI but it was still enough to shake me up.

    Saturday was our R&R day. I had a rough week at work and so I really needed some time to wind down. I woke up at 9 to take the dog out, had
    breakfast and went back to bed at 10:30 and didnt wake up till 3!! I really needed that! Saturday night we met my family to celebrate the Persian New Year.

    Sunday did some shopping and then dropped off my dad and cousin off at the airport. You'd think Id be use to all their comings and goings but it still gets hard when they leave :(
  • Lori- NYPD is yummy!

    Noush- Being pulled over would have shook me up as well!

    Brandy- Congrats on the run!

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