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Need a short-term furnished apartment

Hi there! 

My DH just accepted a job in the Frisco area after a long year of unemployment here in Alabama.  He will be moving in the next week, while I stay here and take care of our house and other loose ends for the next several weeks or so.

He needs a 30-60 day lease furnished apartment asap.  I've started looking online, but so far ones in the Frisco area look pretty expensive.  We don't have much money and our credit isn't great due to his UE.  Anyone know of anything fairly cheap?

TIA, and I look forward to hanging out here more often.  Smile

Re: Need a short-term furnished apartment

  • a corp. apartment that is furnished and allows short term leases is going to be at least $2000 a month which is CRAZY! I just did some calling around for my clients and the cheapest I found was $2495 here in Fort Worth. I would look for an extended stay hotel or even just a regular one bedroom apartment and live in lawn chairs and blow up air matresses! Or check out Craigslist and pick up some super cheap furniture!
  • I found a couple of apartments that would do a 3-month furnished option and then allow us to stay there for a longer lease (we need an apartment anyway once I move there) unfurnished for decent rates.  What do you think of:

    Alta Cobb Hill


    Villas of Eldorado

    The Vineyards


    TIA.  All the reviews online are so mixed, and this apt. would be sight unseen due to the circumstances.

  • The only 1 that I can comment on is The Vineyards and here's my honest opinion:

    The Pros:.

    They do work with you regarding credit issues.  They'll ask you for an additional deposit but it's not outrageous. 

    The rent is pretty reasonable, especially for the area.

    They do have direct access garages for some units as well as covered parking and detached garages.

    All apts come with a washer/dryer.

    The Cons:

    You mentioned that you read the reviews for the complex. My opinion is that those negative comments are spot on. 

    The electric bill was pretty high-but the apartments are poorly insulated so that wasn't a surprise.

    Neighbors can get pretty noisy on weekends.

    Not sure if it matters but the grounds aren't kept up-trash, dog poop, etc are commonplace. 

    Feel free to PM me if you have any questions. Good luck-Frisco is a great place-we love it.   Congrats to your husband on his new job.


  • Thanks, MsMolly96!  That was very helpful.
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