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Exempt from paying checked luggage fee?

Just got off the phone with MIL and she told me that military active duty members and their dependents are exempt from paying checked luggage fees with most airlines. I know Southwest doesn't even charge for checked in luggages, but most other airlines do.

Anyone know of this exemption? I'll be flying with US Airways at the end of October, so that would be one less expense I need to worry about if this is true.


Re: Exempt from paying checked luggage fee?


    Active U.S. military personnel with ID (first through third bag up to 100 lbs/45 kg each free of charge)

     I don't think dependents are exempt from the extra charges. 

  • I haven't heard of this but I will definitely be checking into it bc I will be flying with US Airways at the end of Oct as well....where are you flying? I wonder if we're going to the same place! I'm going to see DH graduate from OTS in Montgomery, AL

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  • All the airlines I know of require the service member to be on orders in order to take advantage of the no baggage fee.  However US Airways website (quoted by a pp) makes it sound like as long as your active duty with an ID you are okay.  As for dependants- I don't think we are that lucky.
  • DH & I didn't know that until we checked in and got a freebie for being over 50lbs. just for being Military and then coming back we got charged because we didn't have orders. What a pain and a hefty price and for the lack of just not knowing. But that was United Airlines
  • DH has only had it wavied when he was on orders.  I wouldn't count on being exempt unless he is traveling on orders, just to be safe.  Or, you could call the airline just to make sure.

  • It is only when you are on official orders with an active ID. 

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  • Agreed...I just PCSed (as a DOD civilian) and I got it b/c of my orders. If your TDY or PCSing it shouldn't be a big deal. My hubby also got the free baggage as my "dependent." It doesn't work if your going on vacay (I wish!)
  • When we moved to Korea (on command sponsored orders), I was allowed two 70 lb bags and my hubby was allowed two 50 lb bags.  They did not waive any requirements except to give me an extra 20 lbs per bag.  This was Korean Air/Delta.  We actually had to reshuffle some weight from his bags into mine at the airport.

    I have heard, though, from another officer that when she and her family PCS'd here recently, they were allowed higher baggage limits.  Not sure what airline she flew or how much they had.  You should call the specific airline, or ask the travel office when you get your tickets.

  • Very true. I thought to ask when my ticket was issued. If it makes a difference, I flew United. I also had to go through a seperate line from everyone...that might have been b/c of the amount of baggage we had.
  • American waived my husband's fee without orders the last couple of times we've flown with them.  They did not waive my fee.
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  • I've only gotten the fee waived if I was flying on a military fare which you can do with most airlines whether you're AD or dependent.

    EDIT: I just called American as I'm actually moving next week, and there's a good chance I won't have orders by then.  They told me that as a dependent, I need to have orders for the fee to be waived regardless of the fare.  If I were AD, then I'd only have to show my ID if I didn't have orders.  Of course, AD always have them, even if they're just leave orders, so that's not really an issue.

    Before, I've flown United with no problems with extra bags.  I've just been asked for military ID to match a military fare, then I get the special rules without being asked to show orders.  Usually, the gate agents don't treat dependents differently even if the fine print does.

  • We just flew US airways last weekend and the above website quote is accurate.  We only had one bag between the two of us, but it was over 50lbs and there were no charges.  According to the site the active duty member can take up to three bags free, so you should be fine!  Just don't bother using the kiosk to check in or register your bag.. you have to do it at hte counter.  The kiosk only goes so far, then asks for your cc to charge you for a bag. 
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